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Yamaha DSP-A3090 Operation Manual Page 60

Yamaha digital sound field processing amplifier operation manual.
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Ideal for reproducing video discs, video tapes and similar sources which are Dolby Surround encoded and bear the "DOLBY SURROUND"
70 mm Adventure
(When the Dolby Pro Logic Surround is decoded):
AC-3 Adventure
(When the Dolby Surround AC-3 is decoded):
This program is ideal for precisely
reproducing the sound design of the
newest 70 mm/AC-3 multi-track films. The
sound field is made to be similar to that of
the newest movie theaters, so the
reverberations of the sound field itself are
restrained as much as possible. The data
of the sound field of an opera house is
used for the front presence side, so the
three dimensional feeling of the sound field
is emphasized, and dialog is precisely
oriented on the screen. By using the data
of the sound field of a concert hall on the
rear surround side, powerfull
reverberations are generated. You can
enjoy watching Sci-Fi, adventure movies,
etc. with much presence.
70 mm General
(When the Dolby Pro Logic Surround is decoded):
AC-3 General
(When the Dolby Surround AC-3 is decoded):
This program is for reproducing sounds on
a 70 mm/AC-3 multi-track film, and
characterized by a soft and extensive
sound field. The front presence side of the
sound field is relatively narrow. It spatially
spreads all around and toward the screen,
restraining echo effect of conversations
without losing clarity. For the surround side,
the harmony of music or chorus sounds
beautifully in a wide space at the rear of
the sound field.


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    I absolutely refuse to read this excuse of the alleged printed word any farther. I am insulted by the fact that the printing is encoded. What kind of machine printed these words? You should be ashamed of yourselves​. Was this an attempt to somehow save money? Did you have any of your own employees try to read this aloud ? Get real!