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Product Description

The Winnox is a nozzle-mix type, low-emissions burner
designed for direct and indirect air heating, and oven
applications up to 1800°F (980°C).
The burner package includes a combustion air blower and
ratio regulator to fire over a wide gas turndown range at a
controlled ratio.
The burner is designed for:
• low NO
and CO emissions
• efficient ratio controlled combustion
• reliable burner operation
• simple burner adjustment
• direct spark ignition
• multiple fuel capability
The wide variety of options and configurations are
available due to the modular design of the burner.
Figure 1.1 Winnox Burner


This manual has been written for people who are already
familiar with all aspects of a nozzle-mix burner and its add-
on components, also referred to as "the burner system".
These aspects are:
• Design / Selection
• Use
• Maintenance
The audience is expected to have previous experience
with this type of equipment.

Winnox Documents

Installation Guide No. 111
• This document
Datasheet, Series 111
• Available for individual WX models
• Required to complete design and selection
Design Guide No. 111
• Used with Datasheet to design burner system
Spare Parts List, Series 111
• Recommended replacement part information
Related Documents
• EFE 825 (Combustion Engineering Guide)
• Eclipse Bulletins and Info Guides: 710, 732, 756,
760, 930

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Table of Contents

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