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Step 5: Set High Fire Gas; Step 6: Verify Settings - Honeywell Eclipse Winnox WX Series Installation Manual


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NOTE: If viewing the flame, it should be blue with flashes
of yellow. The flame should be completely within the
combustion tube. When firing propane or butane, a proper
low fire flame may have sustained flashes of yellow.
7. Verify low fire flame.
a. Drive control motor from low fire and back. Verify
low fire and stable flame signal are repeat-ed.
b. Turn the burner off and repeat the ignition
sequence. Verify low fire and stable flame signal are
8. Close all pressure taps.

Step 5: Set High Fire Gas

Figure 4.9. High Fire Gas Adjustment
1. Set manual gas butterfly valve to 75% open. See
Figure 4.8.
NOTE: To adjust manual butterfly valve:
a. Loosen set screw
b. Turn dial
c. Tighten set screw
2. With burner lit, drive control motor to high fire position.
3. Measure air loading line pressure from Tap C to the
4. Refer to the "Air ∆P vs. Input" graph on page 2 of the
appropriate Eclipse Data Sheet. Find your measured
high fire air ∆P "w.c. (mbar) on vertical axis at left and
plot the intersection point it makes with performance
curve in center of chart. Follow chart straight down
from this intersection point to confirm the desired high
fire burner input Btu/h (kW) charted on horizontal axis
across the bottom.
5. Calculate the required gas flow scfh (Nm
desired high fire burner input Btu/h (kW).
Tap C
/h) for the
Example: (500,000 Btu/h input) x (1 cuft Natural Gas/1000
Btu) = 500 cuft/h or scfh of Natural Gas.
6. Measure existing gas ∆P "w.c. (mbar) across
customer supplied in-line fuel orifice meter, and using
the manufacturer's conversion flow chart for the fuel
orifice meter, calculate* the existing gas flow scfh
/h) through orifice.
(* = making the manufacturer's prescribed corrections for
Fuel Type, Temperature, and Elevation.)
7. If the required gas flow scfh (Nm
not correspond with the existing gas flow scfh
/h) from step 6, adjust existing gas flow using
manual butterfly valve (refer to step 1 for adjustment
procedure) to match required gas flow for the desired
high fire burner input.
8. If required gas flow cannot be achieved, refer to
Chapter 5, "Maintenance and Troubleshooting".

Step 6: Verify Settings

Tap C
Figure 4.10. Verify Pressure Settings
1. With burner lit, drive control motor to high fire.
2. Wait for the chamber to reach normal operating
conditions (e.g. chamber temperature, process flows,
3. Measure high fire fuel using fuel flow measurement
device. Compare this to the rated high fire on
4. Measure high fire air differential pressure between
Tap C and the chamber. Compare this pressure to the
"Air Δp vs. Input" chart on the datasheet.
5. Drive the control motor to low fire and verify low fire
flame signal and flame appearance (if viewing).
6. Cycle burner from high to low several times to check
repeatability of settings.
/h) from step 5 does


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