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Introduction; Product Description; Features; Audience - Honeywell Eclipse ImmersoJet Design Manual


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Product Description

The ImmersoJet burner is a nozzle-mix, tube-firing burner
that is designed to fire at high velocities through small
diameter immersion tubes. The standard burner includes
a packaged blower, actuator control motor, integral
butterfly valve, ratio regulator, burner body, combustion
chamber, nozzle (specific to fuel used), rear cover, spark
and flame rods, and gas orifice (also specific to fuel used).
Figure 1.1. Standard ImmersoJet Burner


The combustion gases from the burner scrub the inner
tube surface and produce high heat transfer rates. This, in
combination with the high velocity flow through the smaller
diameter tubess allows for system efficiencies in excess
of 80%.
The smaller ImmersoJet tubes also have smaller bends
which means less tank space is occupied by the tubes.
With a combustion chamber that is integral to the burner
body, the new version of the ImmersoJet can sit lower on
the tank than previous ImmersoJet models.


This manual has been written for personnel already
familiar with all aspects of an immersion burner and its
add-on components, also referred to as the burner
These aspects include:
• Design/selection
• Use
• Maintenance
The audience is expected to be qualified and have
experience with this type of equipment and its working


The purpose of this manual is to ensure that the design of
a safe, effective, and trouble-free system is carried out.

ImmersoJet Documents

Design Guide No. 330
• This document
Datasheet Series No. 330
• Required to complete design and selection
Installation Guide No. 330
• Used with datasheet to complete installation

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• EFE 825 (Combustion Engineering Guide)
• Eclipse Bulletins and Information Guides: 610, 710,
720, 730, 744, 760, 930


Table of Contents

Table of Contents