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Honeywell Eclipse Winnox WX Series Installation Manual page 2


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Copyright 2007 by Honeywell Interanational Inc. All rights
reserved worldwide. This publication is protected by
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Disclaimer Notice
In accordance with the manufacturer's policy of continual
product improvement, the product presented in this
brochure is subject to change without notice or obligation.
The material in this manual is believed adequate for the
intended use of the product. If the product is used for
purposes other than those specified herein, confirmation
of validity and suitability must be obtained. Honeywell
Eclipse warrants that the product itself does not infringe
upon any United States patents. No further warranty is
expressed or implied.
Liability & Warranty
We have made every effort to make this manual as
accurate and complete as possible. Should you find errors
or omissions, please bring them to our attention so that we
may correct them. In this way we hope to improve our
product documentation for the benefit of our customers.
Please send your corrections and comments to our
Technical Documentation Specialist.
It must be understood that Honeywell Eclipse's liability for
its product, whether due to breach of warranty,
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not be liable for any other injury, loss, damage or
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expenses, whether direct or consequential, including but
not limited to loss of use, income, or damage to material
arising in connection with the sale, installation, use of,
inability to use, or the repair or replacement of Honeywell
Eclipse's products.
Any operation expressly prohibited in this manual, any
adjustment, or assembly procedures not recommended or
authorized in these instructions shall void the warranty.
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The explanation of these symbols follows below. Please
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How To Get Help
If you need help, contact your local Honeywell Eclipse
representative. You can also contact Honeywell Eclipse
1665 Elmwood Rd.
Rockford, Illinois 61103 U.S.A.
Phone: 815-877-3031
Fax: 815-877-3336
Please have the information on the product label available
when contacting the factory so we may better serve you.
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