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Changing The Programme Sequence; Changing A Programme; Cancelling A Programme; Switching On The Washing Machine After An Interruption To The Power Supply - Miele PWM 908 Operating And Installation Instructions

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A programme cannot be cancelled or
changed when operating a payment

Changing a programme

After the successful start of a
programme it is no longer possible to
select a different programme.
You will need to cancel the current
programme before you can select a
different one.

Cancelling a programme

You can cancel a programme at any
time after it has started.
 Touch the Start/Stop sensor.
The following will appear in the display:
Cancel the programme?
 Select
The following will appear in the display:
Programme cancelled
The suds will be pumped away.
 Wait until the door unlocks.
 Pull open the door.
 Remove the laundry.

Changing the programme sequence

Switching on the washing
machine after an interruption
to the power supply
If the washing machine is switched off
with the  button during a wash
programme, the programme will be
 Switch it back on with the  button.
 Note the message in the display.
 Touch the Start/Stop sensor.
The programme will also be interrupted
if power is interrupted by a power cut.
 When power is restored, confirm the
message in the display with OK.
 Touch the Start/Stop sensor.
The programme will continue.


Table of Contents

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