Husqvarna 524LK Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 524LK Operator's Manual

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Operator's manual


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  • Page 1 524LK Operator's manual 2-25...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction..............2 Troubleshooting............20 Safety................4 Transportation and storage...........21 Safety instructions for maintenance......11 Technical data.............. 21 Assembly..............11 Accessories..............22 Operation..............12 Warranty............... 24 Maintenance..............16 Introduction Product description Intended use The product is a grass trimmer with a combustion The product is used with a trimmer head to cut grass.
  • Page 3 Product overview 1. Trimmer head 17. Drive disc 2. Bevel gear 18. Hex key 3. Grease filler cap 19. Locking pin 4. Cutting attachment guard 20. Shaft coupling 5. Shaft 21. Operator's manual 6. Loop Handle Symbols on the product 7.
  • Page 4: Safety

    Use a protective helmet in locations where objects can fall on you. Use approved hearing protection. Use approved eye Air purge bulb. protection. Use approved protective gloves. Choke. Fuel. Use heavy-duty slip-resistant boots. yyyywwxxxx The rating plate shows the serial number. yyyy is the production year, ww is the The product can cause objects to eject, production week.
  • Page 5 and ignition lead are undamaged to avoid the risk of CAUTION: Used if there is a risk of damage electric shock. to the product, other materials or the • Never use the product if you are fatigued, while adjacent area if the instructions in the under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medication manual are not obeyed.
  • Page 6 you have to move suddenly. Take great care when • Do not use a product with a damaged spark plug you work on sloping ground. cap. • Do not use a product with a defective muffler. • Keep all parts of your body away from the rotating cutting attachment and hot surfaces.
  • Page 7 CAUTION: All servicing and repair work on the machine requires special training. This is especially true of the machine′s safety equipment. If your machine fails any of the checks described below you must contact your service agent. When you buy any of our products we guarantee the availability of professional repairs and service.
  • Page 8 3. Push the throttle trigger lockout and make sure that it 2. Move the stop switch to the stop position and make goes back to its initial position when you release it. sure that the engine stops. 4. Make sure that the throttle control and throttle trigger To do a check of the cutting attachment guard lockout move freely and that the return springs operate correctly.
  • Page 9 easier. The vibration damping system decreases the • Make sure that the muffler is correctly attached to vibrations between the engine unit and the shaft unit. the product. • If the muffler on your product has a spark arrester screen, do a visual check. Replace the spark 1.
  • Page 10 • To loosen and tighten the locknut, use a socket Trimmer head wrench with a long shaft. The arrow in the picture shows the area where you can operate the socket WARNING: Always make sure the trimmer line is wound tightly and evenly around the wrench.
  • Page 11: Safety Instructions For Maintenance

    • Open the fuel cap slowly so that any excess • Always move the product 3m (10ft) or further from pressure is released gently when you refuel. the refuelling area and source before starting. • Tighten the fuel cap carefully after you refueled. •...
  • Page 12: Operation

    To assemble the cutting attachment guard and 4. Tighten the knob fully. trimmer head 1. Attach the correct cutting attachment guard (A) for Accessories on page 22 . the trimmer head. Refer to 2. Put the cutting attachment guard onto the fitting on the shaft.
  • Page 13 • For best results and performance use Husqvarna two-stroke oil. • If Husqvarna two-stroke oil is not available, use a two-stroke oil of good quality for air-cooled engines. Speak to your servicing dealer to select the correct oil. 1309 - 001 -...
  • Page 14 To fill the fuel tank CAUTION: Do not use two-stroke oil for water-cooled outboard engines, also 1. Clean the area around the fuel tank cap. referred to as outboard oil. Do not use oil for four-stroke engines. To mix gasoline and two-stroke oil Gasoline, liter Two-stroke oil, liter...
  • Page 15 To stop the product 3. Push the air purge bulb until fuel starts to fill the air purge bulb. • Move the stop switch to the stop position to stop the engine. 4. Hold the product to the ground. 5. Pull the starter rope handle slowly with your right Grass trimming with a trimmer head hand until you feel resistance.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    To adjust the idle speed Your Husqvarna product is made to specifications that decrease harmful emissions. 1. Make sure that the air filter is clean and the air filter cover is attached before you adjust the idle speed.
  • Page 17 3. The idle speed is correct when the engine operates b) Clean the spark arrester screen if it is blocked. smoothly in all positions. The idle speed must be Clean weekly if your product has a catalytic below the speed when the cutting attachment starts converter.
  • Page 18 Replace the filter on the rubber seal if it is damaged. 6. Make sure that the filter is dry before you install it. To apply oil to the air filter CAUTION: Always use Husqvarna special air-filter oil. Do not use other types of oil. WARNING: Put on protective gloves. The air-filter oil can cause skin irritation.
  • Page 19 The bevel gear is filled to ¾ with grease at the factory. Before you use the product, make sure that the grease level has not changed. Use Husqvarna special grease if it is necessary to fill up. Do not replace the grease in the bevel gear.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Maintenance Daily Weekly Monthly Clean the cooling system. Examine the starter and the starter rope for damages. Examine the vibration damping elements for damages and cracks. Clean the outside of the spark plug. Remove it and do a check of the electrode To examine the spark plug on gap.
  • Page 21: Transportation And Storage

    Always use approved containers for storage and transportation of fuel. • Empty the fuel before transportation or before long- term storage. Discard the fuel at an applicable disposal location. Technical data 524LK Engine Cylinder displacement, 1.53/25 Idle speed, rpm 3100 Recommended max. speed, rpm 11000 Maximum engine power acc.
  • Page 22: Accessories

    524LK Speed of output shaft, rpm 8300 Ignition system Spark plug NGK CMR5H Electrode gap, in./mm 0.024/0.6 Fuel system Fuel tank capacity, US Pint/l 1.16/0.55 Weight Weight, lb/kg 11.9/5.4 Accessories Accessories The accessories used in combination with the specified These combinations have been evaluated by power heads have been evaluated to ANSI B175.3-2013...
  • Page 23 524LK Trimmer head Trimmy Fix (Ø 2.4 mm cord) 588 54 37-01 / 588 11 79-01 503 93 42-02 / 503 97 71-01 Superauto II (Ø 2.4-2.7 mm cord) 588 54 37-01 / 588 11 79-01 503 93 42-02 / 503 97 71-01 S35 (Ø...
  • Page 24: Warranty

    Warranty CALIFORNIA, U.S FEDERAL, AND • You are responsible for presenting your small off- road engine to a Husqvarna Professional Products, CANADA EXHAUST AND Inc. authorized servicing dealer as soon as the EVAPORATIVE EMISSIONS problem exists. The warranty repairs shall be...
  • Page 25 The use of any non-exempted add-on or modified parts will be grounds for disallowing a warranty claim. Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. will not be liable to warrant failures of warranted parts caused by the use of a non-exempted add-on or modified part.
  • Page 26 8,5 m 10 cm 4" 4,2 m "Clic" 15 cm 6"...
  • Page 27 4,25 m 4,25 m 15 cm 6" 15 cm 6"...
  • Page 28 T35, T35x 8,5 m 10 cm 4" 4,3 m "Clic" 15 cm 6"...
  • Page 29 6,0 m 10 cm 4" 3,05 m "Clic" 15 cm 6"...
  • Page 30 Alloy ø 2,0 - 2,4 mm/ .080-.095" ø 2,0 - 3,3 mm/ .080- .130" 550 mm/ 22"...
  • Page 32 Original instructions 1141956-49 2019-10-03...

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