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Installing The Wi-Fi Kit; Wi-Fi Kit Installation - Samsung Wi-Fi Kit 2.0 User & Installation Manual

For air conditioners
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Installing the Wi-Fi Kit

Wi-Fi Kit installation

• To ensure smooth operation, there should be no obstacle between the Wi-Fi Kit and wireless router
that may interfere with communication. When the Wi-Fi Kit is too far from a router or there are
potentially interfering elements between them, it may cause problems with the performance of the
Wi-Fi Kit that cannot be resolved by customer services.
• Place the Wi-Fi Kit in an area where you can easily press the AP button for device verification.
• Do not install the Wi-Fi Kit in an area where it may be exposed to moisture or impact.
• Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃, Operating humidity: 30-90 % (relative)
1. Use a flathead screwdriver to turn each of the square holes at the lower part of the Wi-Fi Kit and remove
the back cover.
※ Push both latches at the same time.
• Use a flathead screwdriver to turn the rectangular hole at the upper
part of the fixing hook for easy removal.
2. Arrange the power and communication cables along the back cover.
SOL OCF Wi-Fi KIT 구통신 유럽향 IBIM_EN_DB68-08417A-00_.indd 6
15 cm
<Wires installed on the wall>
If necessary, remove
this part to secure
more space for wiring.
10 cm
<Wires installed in the wall>
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Table of Contents

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