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Downloading The Smartthings App And Registering Your Samsung Account; Connecting The Smartthings App To Your Product - Samsung Wi-Fi Kit 2.0 User & Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
SmartThings app

Downloading the SmartThings app and registering your Samsung account

1. Downloading the SmartThings app
SmartThings (Samsung Connect)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
• For the tablets that are not supported by the SmartThings app and the smart phones that has an
OS version earlier than the recommended versions, the SmartThings app may not be found.
- Android OS 6.0 or later (with at least 2 GB RAM) is recommended.
- Supported screen resolutions: 1280 x 720 (HD), 1920 x 1080 (FHD), 2560 x 1440 (WQHD)
• The SmartThings app is not compatible with some Apple devices including iPad and some
- iPhone 6 or later with iOS 10.0 or later is supported.
- Supported screen resolutions: 1334x750, 1920x1080
• The SmartThings app may change without prior notice to improve product usability and
2. Registering your Samsung account
• A Samsung account is required to use the SmartThings app. To create your Samsung account and log in to
your account, follow the instructions displayed on the SmartThings app.
You do not need to install an additional app.
• If you already have a Samsung account, log in to the account. When your smartphone is a Samsung
device and you have a Samsung account, your smartphone is automatically logged in to your
• If you log in from a smartphone produced for a different country, you need to log in with its country
code when you create your Samsung account, and the SmartThings app may not be used on some

Connecting the SmartThings app to your product

1. Selecting the product to connect to
1) After the Wi-Fi kit tracking is complete, run the SmartThings app.
2) After the SmartThings app is started, select "ADD NOW" when a pop-up window saying that a product
to connect to is found appears.
SOL OCF Wi-Fi KIT 구통신 유럽향 IBIM_EN_DB68-08417A-00_.indd 14
• Search for "SmartThings" on Play Store or App Store, and download the
SmartThings app to your smartphone.
• If the SmartThings app is already installed on your smartphone, update it
to the latest version.
A new device has been found.
Add this device to
Add now
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