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启动与停止 - Husqvarna FS 400 LV Manual

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Electric motor :
· Switch on by pressing knob I on the circuit
· Open the water inlet tap (G).
· Increase the engine speed to maximum.
· Low the wheel lock (E), in order to turn the wheel
· Lower the blade to the desired depth indicated on
the side scale on the ratchet placed on the side.
We recommend a slow descent to avoid stalling the
· Start moving down to the depth of cut required,
indicated on the gradiated scale fitted on the
side. A slow descent is recommended to prevent
stalling the motor.
· Once the required depth is reached, lock the wheel
(2) by raising the block wheel (E).
Moteur off.
· Low the block wheel (E) and turn the whell (2) to
release the blade from the groove.
· Lock the machine in the high position by means of
the block wheel (E).
· Turn off the water supply.
· Allow the engine to turn at low speed.
· Stop the engine (consult the engine maintenance
· After use, clean the machine.
Emergency stop (engine) : Operate the switch
on the machine's control panel.
Emergency stop (electric motor) : Press the
red knob (circuit breaker).
Transport ans storage
Switch off the disk prior to moving the
machine on jobsite.
Remove the disk prior to hoisting,loading,
unloading and transporting the machine on
· Height of the handle bar adjustable by pivoting.
· To position the floorsaw on the site, simply push
it. It will move easily on its four wheels without
starting the engine.
· For transporting by vehicle or by any kind of
lifting gear, there is a factory-fitted hoisting
point on the machine.
Store in a safe place out ot reach of
Remove all adjustment tools and wrenches.
Store diamond tool in a safe place so it
cannot be bent or damaged.
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