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启动与停止 - Husqvarna FS 400 LV Manual

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Use only blades marked with a maximum
operating speed greater than blade shaft
Take into account the working conditions
from health and safety point of wiew.
Please read the instructions for use prior
to operating the machine for the first time.
Moteur off.
The working area must be completely
cleared, well lit and all safety hazards
removed (no water or dangerous objects in
the vicinity).
The operator must wear protective
clothing appropriate to the work he
is doing.
The use of ear protection is mandatory.
Any persons not involved in the work should
leave the working area.
Danger : risk of injury.
Always pay extreme care and attention to
the preparation of the machine before
starting up.
Remove all adjustment tools and wrenches
from floor and machine.
Always keep blade guard in place.
· Check that the fuel tank is full.
· Check that the engine oil level is correct. As the
engine often operates at an angle, check the oil
level (with the engine horizontal) frequently to
ensure that it never falls below the second mark
on the dipstick.
· Fill the tank with water, or connect with the
water network.
· Mark the floor by drawing a line in the place to
be cut.
8 – Chinese
· Fold down the front guide and position the machine
so that the guide and the blade line up with the
Ensure that the water supply is abundant,
when cutting wet.
Engine :
· Start the engine: refer to the instructions in the
manufacturer's service manual.
· Allow the engine to warm up.