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Emerson E2 Einstein Manual

Controller wiring practices
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026-1903 Rev 4 19-APR-2010
E2 Controller Wiring Practices


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  • Page 1 026-1903 Rev 4 19-APR-2010 E2 Controller Wiring Practices...
  • Page 3 1640 Airport Road Suite #104 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Phone 770-425-2724 Fax 770-425-9319 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED The information contained in this manual has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate. However, Computer Process Controls, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may be contained herein. In no event will Computer Process Controls, Inc.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1 OVERVIEW ................................... 1 1.1. “N ” ............................1 OISE AND ITS FFECTS 1.2. S ............................... 1 OURCES OF OISE 2 AVOIDING NOISE-GENERATING DEVICES ......................2 2.1. C ...................... 2 ONTROL ECHNIQUES ARIABLE PEED RIVES 3 AVOIDING HIGH VOLTAGE WIRING ........................3 4 USING THE CORRECT CABLE..........................
  • Page 7: Overview

    Overview • Periodic outages of communication between the main controller (E2) and its peripheral devices. This is most often indicated by a large number of “Controller Offline” alarms in the E2 Alarm Log, which usually One of the most common causes of communica- return to normal.
  • Page 8: Avoiding Noise-Generating Devices

    Avoiding Noise-Gen- In addition, CPC requires that all MODBUS net- work connections to Control Techniques VSDs use a erating Devices CT Drive Interface (P/N 535-2725). This assembly, which plugs into the RJ45 MODBUS jack on the VSD, provides the noise filtering circuitry recom- There are a number of electrical devices com- mended by Control Techniques, and it also provides monly used in supermarkets and buildings that gener-...
  • Page 9: Avoiding High Voltage Wiring

    Avoiding High Voltage Wiring A common mistake made by wiring technicians is to wire communication cabling in parallel with 120VAC, 240VAC, or 480VAC power wiring (some- times together in the same conduit). High voltage wiring radiates noise in all directions perpendicular from the direction of the wire.
  • Page 10: Using The Correct Cable

    Using The Correct Ca- 4.3. Echelon Network Wiring CPC specifies one type of cable for Echelon Net- work wiring: a Level 4, twisted pair, stranded, shielded cable that meets all requirements for Eche- 4.1. RS485 Communication lon LonWorks networks. This cable is available in both plenum and non-plenum varieties from CPC Wiring (see part numbers in Table 4-1).
  • Page 11: Maximum Cable Length

    Carefully strip the outer sheath insulation back 1”. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Roll back the foil shield insulation and wrap the drain wire around the foil (Figure 4-1). Do not remove any insulation from the conductors. Untwist the wires to within 1/8”...
  • Page 12: Power Wire Gage Selection

       Power Wire Gage Se- • 18AWG: (feet) Estimate the total length of wire necessary to power lection the devices, measured from the transformer secondary to the last device that will be connected. Using the maximum wire lengths calculated in step 2, choose a gage of wire whose maximum wire length is longer The gage of wire used to connect networked than the total length of wire you will be using.
  • Page 13: Network Structure, Biasing, And Termination Resistance

    Network Structure, Bi- I/O Network daisy chains must be terminated AND biased at both ends of the daisy chain (Figure asing, and Termina- 6-2). tion Resistance MODBUS daisy chains must be terminated at both ends of the daisy chain, but must only be biased at ONE end.
  • Page 14: Echelon Networking

    If an end device does not have termination jump- First, all devices in a subnet are connected in an ers, CPC offers a termination block that can be used unbroken chain without branches or “star configura- to terminate MODBUS network endpoints (CPC P/N tions”...
  • Page 15: Echelon Network Termination

    6.2.1. Echelon Network Termina- tion Echelon networks require the devices on each end of the daisy chain to be terminated with a 105- ohm resistor across the signal-carrying leads. Most CPC-manufactured Echelon devices have on-board termination jumpers that, when set to the “termi- nated”...
  • Page 16: Cable And Device Grounding

    Cable and Device • Electrical system earth ground. Grounding Note: If grounding against a metal plate or panel that is coated or painted, scrape away the coating to expose the bare metal before Proper grounding is an essential part of reducing making the ground attachment, and use a tooth network noise.
  • Page 17: Rs485 I/O And Modbus Devices (Except Control Link)

    If the network is experiencing problems with should be at least 14AWG stranded, no longer than EMI or is known to be in a high-noise environment, six inches, and should be routed away from all high- follow the EMI-resistant wiring guidelines for voltage wiring leading from the power input and the grounding the shield wire outside the E2 enclosure relay outputs.
  • Page 18: Vsd Drive Grounding Practices

    example, if the power connector is grounded against the E2 enclosure. Twist the two shield wires together the panel chassis, ground the network wires to the and connect them both to the same earth grounded same chassis. Keep the total exposed length of the point.
  • Page 19: Analog Output Cable Grounding

    7.4.1. Analog Output Cable 7.5.1. EMI-Resistant Echelon Net- Grounding work Grounding (For High- EMI Environments) If using a MultiFlex analog output or 4AO board to drive a Control Techniques VSD, you MUST use If the Echelon network must be in contact with shielded cable between the analog point and the VSD noise-generating devices or be installed in a high- drive speed input.
  • Page 20 Control Techniques Drives Ltd. TECHNICAL NOTIFICATION T080101 Title: Commander SK Size 3 Earth Leakage Current Product: Commander SK Issue Date: 14-January-2008 Variant: Date Codes: Category: General Manuals affected: Issued By: Dominic Sim Priority: Normal SUMMARY It has been highlighted that not all users are following the advice given in the Commander SK manuals, with respect to hazards of unrestricted access to the control circuits, if they are not earthed/grounded.
  • Page 21 TECHNICAL NOTIFICATION T080101 Commander SK Size 3 Earth Leakage Current RESOLUTION To eliminate the leakage current problem, the control 0V should be connected to earth/ground at the drive. This can be achieved by: 1. Connecting the 0V directly to the triangular grounding bracket supplied with the drive. 2.

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