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Base Station Installation Problems

Base Station LED is Solid Red
The LED on the base station doesn't change to green.
The base station can't get an IP address.
• Test the Ethernet cable with another device to check for signal.
• Ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected on the switch.
• Check that the DHCP server is available on the network.
• Replace the Ethernet cable with one that you know is working.



Summary of Contents for Cisco 6800 Series

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Troubleshooting • Base Station Installation Problems, on page 1 • Repeater Installation Problems, on page 2 • Handset Installation Problems, on page 2 • Operational Problems with the Base Station, on page 4 • Operational Problems with the Handset, on page 4 •...
  • Page 2: Repeater Installation Problems

    Troubleshooting Repeater Installation Problems Repeater Installation Problems Can't Set Up a Repeater - LED is Red Problem The repeater LED is red and registration of fails. Cause The repeater is not in registration mode. Solution Reset the repeater with one of these options: •...
  • Page 3 Troubleshooting Handset Won't Register (Manual Configuration) • If the handset displays the message Sign in error. Contact your administrator., there is a problem with the user's configuration or authentication. Contact your service provider. • If the handset displays the message Device error. Contact your administrator, contact your service provider.
  • Page 4: Operational Problems With The Base Station

    Troubleshooting Operational Problems with the Base Station Solution 1. In the Extensions web page, click the Refresh button. 2. You may be prompted to reconnect the handset to the base station. 3. If the handset doesn't register, contact your service provider. Operational Problems with the Base Station Base Station LED Flashes Red and Handset Displays No SIP Reg”...
  • Page 5 Troubleshooting Handset Won't Stay On Solution 1. Place the handset in the charger and monitor it. If the screen turns on after a few minutes, the battery was depleted and needs to be fully charged. You can confirm the battery level from the Menu >...
  • Page 6 Troubleshooting Handset Doesn't Respond to Key Presses Handset Doesn't Respond to Key Presses Problem Nothing happens when you press a key on the handset. Cause The keypad is probably locked. Solution Press and hold the star (*) key for 2 seconds to unlock the keypad. Handset Beeps Continuously While in the Charger Problem The handset beeps continuously when placed in the charger.
  • Page 7: Multicell Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting No Audio on Your Handsets with a Single Base Station System • If the handset has been carried around, it may be out of range of the base station. • Short term solution: Move the handset closer to the base station. •...
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting Procedures

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Procedures • -75 dBm or lower is recommended. • -76 to -85 dBm is acceptable. • -86 to -90 dBm is acceptable but you should consider adding another base station. • -91 dBm and above, you must add another base station. •...
  • Page 9 Troubleshooting Collect Troubleshooting Logs for a Repeatable Problem Step 10 Scroll to the end of the log, hold Shift and then click at the end of the log. Step 11 Press Ctrl+C. Step 12 Go to the text editor and click in the top of the file body. Step 13 Press Ctrl+V.
  • Page 10 Troubleshooting Change the Debug Log Level Step 17 Press Ctrl+C. Step 18 Go to the text editor and click in the top of the file body. Step 19 Press Ctrl+V. Step 20 Save the file to a known location on your PC. Name the file with the log type, date, and time.
  • Page 11 Troubleshooting Generate PCAP Logs Procedure Step 1 Access a base station web page. See Sign into the Administration Web Page. Step 2 Click Multi Cell. Step 3 Set Multi cell debug to Both. Step 4 Click Save. Generate PCAP Logs You can create a Packet Capture (PCAP) from the base station web page to assist in troubleshooting problems.
  • Page 12 Troubleshooting Generate PCAP Logs • Trace audio packets to/from this base: All RTP streams to and from the base station are traced. The trace uses the RTP port and RTP port range from the Network Settings web page. Note Audio packets can quickly fill the log buffer. Use this setting with caution. •...