Drying, Cycle, And Temperature Tips; Cycles; Dryer Care; Cleaning The Dryer Location - Whirlpool W10151595B Use & Care Manual

240-volt electric compact dryer
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Cycle and temperature tips
Dry most loads using the Energy Preferred Automatic
Setting (
Use a no heat (air) setting for rubber, plastic, or heat-sensitive
Line-dry bonded or laminated fabrics.
NOTE: If you have questions about drying temperatures for
various loads, refer to the care label directions.
Perm Press
Your Perm Press cycle shuts off the dryer when the Auto Moisture
Sensing feature determines the selected dryness level has been
reached. The Cycle Control knob does not move until the load is
almost dry. After the cool down, the knob automatically turns to
an Off area and tumbling stops.
ry most loads using the Energy Preferred Automatic Setting (
Drying time with a Perm Press cycle varies according to the type
of fabric, size of load, and temperature setting.
If the load is drier than you like, select a setting closer to
LESS DRY the next time you dry a similar load.
If the load is not as dry as you like, complete drying using the
Timed Drying cycle. The next time you dry a similar load,
select a setting closer to VERY DRY.
How Auto Moisture Sensing Works
With Auto Moisture Sensing, the dryness of the load is
determined by two metal strips (sensors) located on the
inside of the dryer. The metal strips help detect the amount
of moisture left in the clothes as they pass. When there is
moisture left in the clothes, the Cycle Control knob will not
advance. As clothes begin to dry, the amount of water left in
the clothes decrease, and the timer advances through the
remainder of the cycle. When the selected dryness level is
reached, the dryer goes into a cool down period of up to
10 minutes.
Air Cycle
Use this cycle for items that require drying without heat, such
as rubber, plastic and heat-sensitive fabrics. See the chart for
examples of items that can be dried using an air cycle.
Type of Load
Foam rubber - pillows, padded bras,
stuffed toys
Plastic - shower curtains, tablecloths
Rubber-backed rugs
ypropylene, sheer nylon
*(Minutes). Reset cycle to complete drying, if needed.


20 - 30
20 - 30
40 - 50
10 - 20
When using an air cycle
Check that coverings are securely stitched.
Shake and
ff pillows by hand periodically during cycle.
Dry item completely. Foam rubber pillows are slow to dry.
Timed Drying Cycle
Use this cycle to complete drying if items are still damp after
the automatic cycle.
Timed Drying is also useful for:
Heavyweight items and work clothes that require a long
drying time.
Lightweight items, such as lingerie, blouses and knits that
require a short drying time.
For damp dry, turn the Cycle Control knob to 30 minutes or less.
End of Cycle Signal
The dryer sounds a signal to let you know when the cycle is
ished. The signal is not adjustable and cannot be turned
off. The signal is helpful when you are drying permanent press,
synthetics and other items that should be taken out as soon as
the dryer stops.


Cleaning the Dryer Location

Keep dryer area clear and free from items that would obstruct the
ow of combustion and ventilation air.

Cleaning the Lint Screen

Every load cleaning
The lint screen is located inside the dryer drum, on the back wall.
Clean it before each load. A screen blocked by lint can increase
drying time.
To clean
1. Open the door and pull the lint screen straight out.


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