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Changing Cycles, Options And Modifiers; Drying Rack Option - Whirlpool Duet W10151592A Use And Care Manual

Duet electronic electric dryer
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Stop at any time by pressing the WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature
or opening the dryer door.
For the Casual Cycle, the WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature is
preset to "ON." The other cycles will retain the WRINKLE
SHIELD™ feature setting. (For example, if you select the
WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature in the Normal cycle, the
WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature will be on the next time you
select the Normal cycle.)
NOTE: If you do not select the WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature, the
dryer stops after the cool down period.
Damp Dry Cycle Signal
On some models, the Damp Dry Signal may be selected to alert
you that your clothes are approximately 80% dry. This is useful
when you want to remove lightweight items in a mixed load to
avoid overdrying or remove partially dry items that may need
The DAMP DRY SIGNAL is useful when drying bedsheets/linens
in a mixed load. When the signal goes off, open the door to stop
the dryer, rearrange the load inside the dryer, close the door and
restart the dryer to finish the drying cycle. Rearranging the load
will aid in the drying process.
Press DAMP DRY CYCLE SIGNAL until the desired volume
(Loud, Soft or Off) glows green.
NOTE: This signal is independent of the Damp Dry Cycle. The
Damp Dry Signal is available only with the Automatic Cycles.
Cycle Signal
The End of Cycle Signal produces an audible sound when the
drying cycle is finished. Promptly removing clothes at the end of
the cycle reduces wrinkling.
Press CYCLE SIGNAL until the desired volume (Loud, Soft or Off)
glows green.
NOTE: When the WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature is selected and the
End of Cycle Signal is on, an audible sound will be emitted every
5 minutes until the clothes are removed, or the WRINKLE
SHIELD™ feature is finished.
Button Sound
You can change the volume of the sound of the beeps. Press
BUTTON SOUND until the desired volume (Loud, Soft or Off)
glows green. The Power and Cancel buttons will still beep softly
even when the Button Sound volume is set to Off.

Changing Cycles, Options and Modifiers

You can change Auto Cycles, Timed Cycles, Modifiers and
Options anytime before pressing Start.
Three short tones sound if an unavailable combination is
selected. The last selection will not be accepted.
Changing Cycles after pressing Start
1. Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice. This ends the current cycle.
2. Select the desired cycle and options.
3. Press and hold START. The dryer starts at the beginning of
the new cycle.
NOTE: If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of selecting the
cycle, the dryer automatically shuts off.
Changing Modifiers and Options after pressing Start
You can change a Modifier or Option anytime before the selected
Modifier or Option begins.
1. Press PAUSE/CANCEL once.
2. Select the new Modifier and/or Option.
3. Press and hold START to continue the cycle.
NOTE: If you happen to press Pause/Cancel twice, the program
clears and your dryer shuts down. Restart the selection process.
Changing the Preset Dryness Level Settings
If all your loads on all Auto Dry cycles are consistently not as dry
as you would like, you may change the preset Dryness Level
settings to increase the dryness. This change will affect all of your
Auto Dry cycles.
Your Dryness Level settings can be adjusted to adapt to different
installations, environmental conditions or personal preference.
There are 3 drying settings: 1 (factory preset dryness level),
2 (slightly dryer clothes, approximately 15% more drying time)
and 3 (much dryer clothes, approximately 30% more drying
1. The Dryness Level settings cannot be changed while the
dryer is running.
2. Press and hold the Dryness Level button for 5 seconds. The
dryer will beep, and "CF" will be displayed for 1 second
followed by the current drying setting.
3. To select a new drying setting, press the Dryness Level key
again until the desired drying setting is shown.
NOTE: While cycling through the settings, the current setting
will not flash, but the other settings will flash.
4. Press START to save the drying setting.
5. The drying setting you selected will become your new preset
drying setting for all Auto Dry cycles.

Drying Rack Option

The drying rack is useful for drying items you would not
necessarily want to tumble dry or that you would normally line dry
(for example, sweaters).
If your model does not have a drying rack, you may be able to
purchase one for your model. To find out whether your model
allows drying rack usage and for information on ordering, please
refer to the front page of the manual or contact the dealer from
whom you purchased your dryer.

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