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Husqvarna 21012019044 Information page 4

Tank bag
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Scope of supply
1x tank bag
1x mounting plate for tank bag
2x screw M5x40
2x screw M5x16
- Remove screws
- Position mounting plate
- Mount screws
(included) but do not tighten them yet.
- Mount screws
(included) and tighten to 3 Nm.
- Tighten screws
to 3 Nm.
- Position tank bag
The magnet loops rest on the mounting plate.
- Position the grip handle of the tank bag under the mounting plate.
When the tank bag is mounted, especially when it is loaded,
greater side wind susceptibility may cause a change in vehicle
handling characteristics while riding, taking curves, and brak-
ing. Exercise caution in high winds.
Due to the changes in vehicle handling characteristics, acceler-
ate gradually to the permitted maximum speed of 130 km/h.
Ensure that the load never exceeds 3 kg.
The bag must always be closed while riding.
A tank bag that has any form of damage may not be used.
Make sure that all accessories and luggage items are securely
fastened. Check this regularly!