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Cleaning The Pre-Filter - Honeywell High Performance Air Purifier HFD-135 Manual

High performance air purifier
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HFD-135 OM English.qxd
• Never place a wet IFD
• The IFD
Filter is NOT dishwasher safe. Do not place the IFD
other extreme hot water conditions.
• Do not use any solvents, strong cleaning agents or flammable liquids to clean the IFD
Resetting the Filter Clean Indicator
After cleaning the IFD
filter, you need to reset the filter monitor.
• Once the IFD
filter has been checked and cleaned, the filter monitor will need to be reset.
• With the air purifier unit powered on, press and hold the filter reset button for approximately 10
seconds or until the LCD display is clear.


The particle pre-filter helps pick-up large airborne particles that enter the filter. The pre-filter can be
removed and rinsed by hand under warm water. Let the pre-filter dry completely before inserting it back
into the unit.
The UV Reset LED light will illuminate
when it is time to replace the dual UV
bulbs. "Replace UV Bulb" will also
appear in the control panel.
• Be sure to turn off and unplug your
air purifier.
• Remove the UV cover (Fig. 12).
• Turn the UV bulb tab towards the unlock symbol (
(Fig. 13).
• Gently grasp the top of the tab and pull the bulb cartridge
straight out of the UV socket (Fig. 14). Do not touch the
bulb directly with your hands.
• Do the same for the other bulb and pull the bulb cartridge
out of the UV socket.
• Replace the left and right UV bulb sockets with new UV
lamps (part number 135UV).
• Discard old UV bulb cartridge(s) only at household hazardous waste collection sites.
• Place UV cover back in to its place until it clicks in position.
• Plug the air purifier back into an electrical socket and turn the air purifier on.
• Press and hold the UV Reset button for 10 seconds to clear the red LED light and "Replace UV Bulb"
message (Fig. 15).
NOTE: Bulb and bulb housing are not intended for use with any other product or purpose.
NOTE: This unit is equipped with a safety interlock. The unit will not operate while the UV cover is
5:35 PM
filter in your air purifier.
Fig. 12
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filter in a dishwasher or subject it to
Fig. 13
Fig. 15
Fig. 14



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