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Install Pre-Filter; Filter Indicators; Reset Filter Indicator; Operation - Honeywell 18155 Owner's Manual

Portable true hepa air purifier
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Refer to "Removing/Changing the Filters" section for proper
To encourage operation on higher speeds, the Honeywell
18155 air purifier has been designed to operate very quietly and
effectively without a cool exhaust draft. To operate, press the
POWER button to HIGH speed for a few seconds, and then
leave it on high for faster, more powerful air circulation, or move
it to a lower setting as desired.
The Intelli-Check
Filter Indicators serve as a convenient guideline for when to clean the
LifeTime HEPA
Permanent Filter and when to replace the carbon pre-filter. Depending
upon your individual usage (environment and hours used), you may need to clean/replace
the filters more or less frequently.
When the HEPA Filter Indicator Light turns on, it's time to clean your HEPA filter. The
reminder for when to clean the HEPA filter is intended as a guideline only as
the performance of the filter media is dependent on the concentration of the contaminants
to which the system is exposed. If there are sources of large amounts of contaminant
generation (such as dust from woodworking or heavy smoking) the HEPA filter in your air
purifier may need to be cleaned more often. For instructions on how to clean your HEPA
filter, refer to section "Cleaning the LifeTime HEPA
When your Pre-filter Indicator Light turns on, it's time to replace your pre-filter. It should
be replaced at least every 3 months. If there are heavy concentrations of odors, smoke, or
large particles in the home, you may need to change the carbon pre-filter more often. For
instructions on how to replace your pre-filter, refer to section "Removing/Changing the
Filters" in this manual.
Note: We do not recommend operating the air purifier without the carbon pre-filter.
Operation: Model 50150, 50200 and 50250 Series
Reset Filter Indicator/Turn Light Off
To Reset Filter Indicator
• Once the filter has been checked and cleaned or replaced as
needed, the filter indicator will need to be reset.
• With the unit powered on, press and hold the appropriate filter
indicator button down for approximately 10 seconds until the
light turns off (Fig. 1)

Filter Indicators

Permanent Filter" in this manual.
Fig. 1

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