Troubleshooting - Sharp DW-J27FA Operation Manual

Air purifying dehumidifier
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Before contact for service, check the following points to make sure that the problem is not a Main Unit malfunction.
The room becomes hot.
• The Main Unit generates heat during LAUNDRY DRY
operation and DEHUMIDIFY operation and the room
temperature will rise. Warm air will be come out from
the air outlet, but this is normal and does not indicate
a problem with the Main Unit.
The Main Unit does not dehumidify.
• The performance of dehumidifi cation level varies with
the size, structure, temperature and humidity level of
the room. When room temperature or humidity level
is low, the performance will become low in general.
• Check whether the Back Panel is clean.
• Check whether the air outlet or air inlet is not
• The Main Unit may make clicking or ticking sounds
when it is generating ions.
• The Main Unit may seem rather loud for the fi rst 2 to
3 minutes when the Main Unit is turned on. This is the
sound of the compressor starting-up and is perfectly
• A soft, swishing noise can be heard immediately after
the Main Unit is turned on or off, and also during
operation. This is the sound of the refrigerant fl owing
inside the Main Unit.
The sound is too loud.
• The Main Unit will sound loudly for the fi rst few seconds
upon power-on when the room temperature is low.
• Check whether the Main Unit is placed on a stable
and level fl oor.
• Check whether the Back Panel is not clogged.
Odor and smoke persists.
Air discharged from the Main Unit has an
• Check whether the fi lters are extremely dirty.
• Clean or replace the fi lters.
The Cleanliness Monitor light is not
blue even when the air is clean.
• Dirty or clogged dust(sensitive) sensor openings
interfere with sensor operation. Gently clean the
sensor fi lter or the back panel.
• When the Main Unit is operating MOLD CONTROL
operation, the light indicates the operation mode of
the MOLD CONTROL operation.
The Main Unit does not operate when
cigarette smoke is in the air.
• Make sure the Main Unit is installed in a location in
which the sensors can detect cigarette smoke.
• Check whether the dust(sensitive) sensor openings
are blocked or clogged. If they are blocked or
clogged, clean the sensor fi lter or the back panel.
The FILTER RESET Indicator Light is on.
• Whenever after performing maintenance or replacing
the fi lters, connect the power cord to an outlet and
then press the ON/OFF Timer Button. (page 13)
There is a discrepancy between the
Main Unit's Humidity Monitor and
another hygrometer in the room.
• There is a difference in the humidity level within the
same room.
• The sensor have different measurement parameters.
• If the monitor indicates temperature or PM2.5 level,
switch the display by pressing the DISPLAY SELECT
button. (page 9)
The Main Unit PM2.5 monitor does
not match weather report or other
local PM2.5 data.
• Ambient / Indoor air condition or home environment
vary in each place. This may cause the discrepancy
of each reported number. Please take note PM2.5
monitor shows reference numbers.
The water leaks.
• Check whether the main unit is placed horizontally.
• When draining continuous, check whether the hose is
inserted all the way seated.
If error occurs repeatedly, contact the Sharp Service
• If the Water Tank is full, drain
the water.
• If the Water Tank is not
properly placed, place the
Water Tank correctly.
• The Main Unit is operating
with the DEFROST mode.
• Laundry DRY (Auto)
operation has completed, and
the operation has stopped.
• The operation has stopped
with the Auto Off function.
• Unplug the Main Unit, wait
one minute, and then plug
the Main Unit in again.



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