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Air purifying dehumidifier
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• Do not block the air intake or air outlet.
• Do not place the Main Unit near or on
hot objects, such as stoves or heaters, or
where it may come into contact with steam.
• Always operate the Main Unit in an upright
• When moving the Main Unit, use the 
handles on both sides. Do not move the
Main Unit when it is in operation.
• If the Main Unit is on easily damaged
fl ooring, an uneven surface, or thick-piled
carpet, lift it up when moving.
• When moving the Main Unit by its casters,
move it slowly and in a horizontal direction.
• Turn the Main Unit off and remove the
Water Tank before moving, take care not to
catch your fi ngers.
• Do not operate the Main Unit without the
fi lters and the Water Tank properly installed.
• Do not wash and reuse the HEPA fi lter and
the Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter. Doing
so will not improve fi lter performance and
can also cause electric shock or operating
• Clean the exterior with a soft cloth only.
Do not use volatile fl uids or detergents.
The Main Unit surface may be damaged
or cracked with Benzene paint thinner or
polishing powder. In addition, the sensors
may malfunction as a result.
• Keep the Main Unit away from water.
• Be sure to wipe off any excess water on the
outside of the Water Tank.
• Do not shake the Water Tank with holding
the carrying handle.
• Avoid spilling water when removing or
cleaning the Water Tank.
• Do not remove the Float.
• Do not use the detergents for maintenance
of the Water Tank and Tank Cover. If cause
deformation, tarnishing, cracking (water
• Do not scrub the Back Panel hard during its
• Avoid locations where the sensors are
exposed to direct wind. Doing so can cause
the Main Unit to malfunction.
• Avoid locations where furniture, fabrics, or
other objects can come in contact with the
Main Unit and interfere with the intake and
outtake of air.
• Avoid locations where the Main Unit
is exposed to condensation or drastic
changes in temperature. Appropriate room
temperature is between 4 - 38
• Place the Main Unit on a level and stable
surface with suffi cient air circulation. When
placed on heavy carpet, the Main Unit may
vibrate slightly. Place the Main Unit on a
level surface to avoid water leakage from
the Water Tank.
• Avoid locations that generate grease or
oily smoke. Doing so can cause the Main
Unit exterior to crack and the sensors to
• The dust collecting ability of the Main Unit
is effective even when the Main Unit is as
close to 3 cm from the wall,the surrounding
walls and fl oor may get dirty. Please place
the Main Unit at a distance from the wall.
The wall directly behind the air outlet may
become dirty over time. When using the
Main Unit for an extended period of time
at the same location, periodically clean the
walls adjacent to it.
• Follow the instructions in this manual for
proper fi lter care and maintenance.

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