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Reheat - KitchenAid KMW276 Use & Care Manual

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This function allows you to automatically reheat your dishes. The microwave will automatically calculate the needed microwave power
level and time to get the best possible result in the shortest time.
Use this function to reheat ready-made food either frozen, chilled or at room temperature.
Place food onto a microwave safe and heat proof dinner plate or dish. Always covering the food with loosely vented lid or place in
steamer bowl with lid.
1. Press the Reheat button.
2. Press the Confirmation button / Start button to start cooking cycle. (The oven may ask you to check if the vessels used are
correct, if correct, press the Confirmation button / Start button to start the cooking cycle.)
Tips and suggestions:
The net weight shall be kept within 250-600g when using this function.
Ensure the oven is at room temperature before using this function in order to obtain the best result.
Place thin slices of meat on top of each other or interlace them.
Thicker slices such as meat loaf and sausages have to be placed close to each other.
Waiting 1-2 minutes before serving the reheated food will improves the results, especially for frozen food.
If using plastic wrap , score or prick with a knife, to relieve the pressure from the steam build up during heating.





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