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Emerson RIDGID SeeSnake Max rM200 Series Operator's Manual


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Read this Operator's Man-
ual carefully before using
this tool. Failure to under-
stand and follow the con-
tents of this manual may
result in electrical shock,
fire, and/or serious per-
sonal injury.
Operator's Manual
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mation about using your rM200 go
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This manual covers the
following drums:


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Emerson RIDGID SeeSnake Max rM200 Series

  • Page 1 Operator’s Manual Series This manual covers the following drums: WARNING! Read this Operator’s Man- ual carefully before using this tool. Failure to under- For support and additional infor- stand and follow the con- mation about using your rM200 go tents of this manual may result in electrical shock, to fire, and/or serious per-...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Regulatory Statements ..................... 4 Safety Symbols ......................4 General Safety Rules Work Area Safety ...................... 5 Electrical Safety ......................5 Personal Safety ......................5 Equipment Use and Care ..................6 Pre-Operation Inspection SeeSnake rM200 Overview Description........................ 8 Universal Specifications....................
  • Page 3 Maintenance and Support Cleaning ......................... 25 Maintaining Components ..................25 Storage ........................25 Support ........................25 Service and Repair ....................25 Disposal ........................26 Appendix Appendix A: Stow Bin Instructions ................26 *Original Instructions – English rM200 – English – 3...
  • Page 4: Regulatory Statements

    Introduction Safety Symbols In this manual and on the product, safety The warnings, cautions, and instruc- symbols and signal words are used to com- tions discussed in this manual can- municate important safety information. This not cover all possible conditions section is provided to improve understand- and situations that may occur.
  • Page 5: General Safety Rules

    General Safety Rules • Keep all electrical connections dry and off the ground. Touching equip- WARNING ment or plugs with wet hands can in- crease the risk of electrical shock. • Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for carrying, pulling, or unplugging the power tool.
  • Page 6: Equipment Use And Care

    • If using drain cleaning equipment and • Use the equipment and accessories drain inspection equipment at the in accordance with these instructions, same time, wear RID GID drain clean- taking into account the working con- ing gloves. Never grasp the rotating ditions and the work to be performed.
  • Page 7: Pre-Operation Inspection

    Pre-Operation 6. Check your work area for the follow- ing: Inspection • Adequate lighting. WARNING • The presence of flammable liq- uids, vapors, or dust that may ig- nite. If present, do not work in area until sources have been identified and corrected.
  • Page 8: Seesnake Rm200 Overview

    SeeSnake rM200 Overview Description Each rM200 model includes a built-in sonde The SeeSnake rM200 series con- ® ™ which helps locate problems in the pipe. The sists of the flagship reels, cameras, and rM200A and rM200B feature a FleXmitter ® push cables in the premier product family of sonde inside the spring assembly.
  • Page 9: Universal Specifications

    Standard Equipment Universal Specifications • rM200 case System Cable • D2 drum 3 m [10 ft] Length • One (1) stow bin Case Dimensions • Operator’s manual Length 527 mm [20.8 in] • CS6x Versa hanger Depth 349 mm [13.8 in] • Shoulder strap Height 610 mm [24 in] •...
  • Page 10 Counter Keypad FleXmitter Sonde ® (D2A and D2B) Camera Spring Drum ID Label O-Ring Push Cable Pull Handle Handle Lock Stow Bin Rear Case CS6x Versa Hanger Slip-Ring Assembly Case Latch Feet Serial Number Label 10 – English – rM200...
  • Page 11: Rm200A Description

    rM200A Description D2A Specifications The rM200A consists of the rM200 case with the D2A drum installed. A 61 m [200 ft] Color ID long, moderately stiff push cable makes the System Weight 16.4 kg [36.1 lb] rM200A a versatile pipe inspection system. Drum Weight 7.4 kg [16.3 lb] The rM200A is best suited for lines 38 mm –...
  • Page 12: Rm200B Description

    rM200B Description D2B Specifications The rM200B consists of the rM200 case with the D2B drum installed. The rM200B Color ID Orange has a 50  m [165  ft] long, stiff push cable System Weight 17 kg [37.5 lb] and a longer spring with a second, short- er spring nested inside.
  • Page 13: Specific Safety Information

    Specific Safety • Always use appropriate personal pro- tective equipment when handling and Information using equipment in drains. Wear ap- propriate protective equipment such as WARNING latex or rubber gloves, goggles, face shields, and respirators when inspect- ing drains that might contain hazard- ous chemicals or bacteria.
  • Page 14: Operating Instructions Placement

    Operating Instructions Opening the rM200 Case CAUTION Placement Place the rM200 and monitor near the pipe Make sure the camera is completely in- entrance so you can manipulate the push side the drum before unlatching and cable while viewing the display. Lay the opening the rM200 case.
  • Page 15: Installing The Drum

    Inspection Overview 5. Unwrap the SeeSnake system cable from the cord wrap. To perform a pipe inspection, connect any See Snake monitor to the reel, power on the 6. Slide all six case latches toward the system, push the push cable through the handle to unlock the rM200 case.
  • Page 16: Pipe Guides

    Pipe Guides Camera Head Guide Installation Camera head guides can be used in smaller Pipe guides center the camera in the pipe, pipes to push the camera through stubborn improve picture quality, and help keep the fittings. lens clear. Use pipe guides when possible to reduce wear and tear on the camera sys- 1.
  • Page 17: Integrated Counter

    Integrated Counter Ball Guide Installation Ball guides are designed to slip onto the The rM200 comes equipped with an inte- spring and lock into place. Depending on grated counter. The integrated counter mea- work conditions, you can place a ball guide sures the total length of the extended push on the spring behind the camera to tilt the cable.
  • Page 18: Drum Keypad

    Drum Keypad Up Arrow/Edit Key Text Key Menu/Back Key Left Arrow Key Right Arrow Key Sonde Key LED Brightness Key Distance Key Date/Time Key Zero/Select Key Down Arrow Key Drum Keypad Meaning Open the Main Menu and exit out of menus and Menu/Back Key screens.
  • Page 19 Drum Keypad Meaning Left/Right Arrow Navigate menu choices and text characters. Keys Down Arrow Key Navigate menu choices and text characters. Toggle on or off to show or hide preset text or Text Key* custom text. Toggle on or off to show or hide the date and Date/Time Key* time of the inspection.
  • Page 20: Individual Components

    Individual Components Pull Handle The pull handle on the rM200 can be locked Handles and Docks in four positions. Each position has a differ- ent purpose which increases usability and Carry Handle maneuverability. The carry handle comes installed on the •...
  • Page 21: Stow Bin

    Stow Bin Self-Leveling Camera The stow bin provides storage for gloves, a If using a drum that features a self-level- paint can, business cards, pipe wrenches, ing camera, the bearings and weight of the or other tools you want to keep nearby. The self-leveling camera may create a swing- rM200 comes with one stow bin.
  • Page 22: Bearings

    Bearings Replacing the Bearing The bearing is on the underside of the drum. There are two bearings in the rM200 sys- A different bearing comes with each D2 se- tem. The bearings allow the drum to spin ries drum. The bearing can become dirty smoothly when pushing the cable and pro- and worn.
  • Page 23 System Cable Removal System Cable Installation 1. Disconnect the system cable from To install the system cable, follow these the reporting monitor and remove the steps: monitor from the docking system. 1. Align the arrow on the slip-ring dial 2. Unwrap the system cable from the with the unlock symbol on the frame cable wraps.
  • Page 24: Docking System

    Docking System Mounting the CS65x or CS12x onto the rM200 WARNING To mount the CS65x or CS12x monitor onto Carrying the system incorrectly can the rM200, follow these steps: cause the digital reporting monitor to 1. Push red slide locks inwards so that disengage from the docking system and they do not obstruct the kick stand.
  • Page 25 Ridge Tool Company Technical Service Department or, in Push Cable the USA and Canada, call 1-800-519- Run a rag over the push cable and visually 3456. inspect it for cuts and abrasions while push- ing it back into the drum. Replace or repair the push cable if the outer jacket is cut or abraded.
  • Page 26 Appendix Disposal Parts of your system contain valuable mate- Appendix A: Stow Bin rials that can be recycled. There are compa- Instructions nies that specialize in recycling that may be found locally. Dispose of the components in compliance with all applicable regulations. Can Holder Orientation Contact your local waste management au- NOTICE...
  • Page 27 Stow Bin Installation To remove the stow bin, follow these steps: To install the stow bin on the rM200 case, 1. Unlatch the stow bin hooks from the follow these steps: rM200’s front and rear case. 1. Push the black button on the inside of 2.
  • Page 28 WWW.RIDGID.COM Ridge Tool Company Ridge Tool Europe NV (RIDGID) 400 Clark Street Ondernemerslaan 5428 Elyria, Ohio 44035-6001 3800 Sint-Truiden Belgium 1-800-474-3443 +32 (0)11 598 620 © 2020 Ridge Tool Company. All rights reserved. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this manual is accurate. Ridge Tool Company and its affiliates reserve the right to change the specifications of the hardware, software, or both as described in this manual without notice.

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