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Kn 62A And Kn 64 Tso'd Silver Crown Digital Dmes - Honeywell Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus Pilot's Manual

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KN 62A and KN 64
TSO'd Silver Crown Digital DMEs
Operating the KN 62A and KN 64 DMEs
Turn on the unit only after engine
start-up. Also, turn avionics off prior to
engine shut-down. These simple
precautions should be practiced with
all avionics. It will protect the solid-
state circuitry from short duration high
voltage spikes and extend the
operational life of your avionics.
The 3-position function switch
determines both the information
displayed and the channeling source.
Place the function switch on
Frequency (FREQ). The unit is
channeled internally with its own two
concentric frequency selection knobs.
The smaller of the two knobs has an
"in" and an "out" position. When in the
"in" position, this smaller knob
changes the 0.1 MHz digit (0.0, 0.1,
0.2, etc.). When pulled "out", it adds
0.05 MHz to the frequency and tunes
in 0.1 MHz steps (0.05, 0.15, 0.25,
etc.). Pushing the smaller knob "in"
subtracts 0.05 MHz from the
displayed frequency. The outer, larger
knob changes the larger digits (1
MHz, 10 MHz). In FREQ mode, the
unit will display distance and the
selected frequency. (See Figure 19.)
Distance/Frequency FREQ Mode.
Now move the function switch to
the Groundspeed/Time-to-Station
(GS/T) position. The unit will hold the
internally selected frequency and will
display distance, groundspeed and
time-to-station. (See Figure 20.)
Distance/Groundspeed/TTS GS/T Mode.
Rotating the frequency selector
will have no effect on the display,
because the DME is in "Frequency
Hold". This frequency hold feature in
the GS/T mode prevents accidental
KN 62A/KN 64



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