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Kma 28 Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver - Honeywell Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus Pilot's Manual

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KMA 28
Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
KMA 28 Operation
Receive Audio Selectors
Receiver audio is selected
through two momentary and six
latched, pushbutton, backlit switches.
Com 1 and Com 2 are the momentary
Because the rotary microphone
selector switch controls what
transceiver is being heard, the Com l
and Com 2 push-buttons are of the
momentary type and do not remain in
when selected. This is also part of the
"auto" function. You will always hear
the audio from the transceiver that is
selected for transmit by the rotary mic
selector switch.
The users can identify which
receivers are selected by noting which
of the green switch LEDs are
illuminated. Push buttons labeled Nav
1, Nav 2, DME, MKR (Marker), ADF,
AUX (auxiliary), and SPR (Speaker)
are "latched" type switches. When
one of these buttons is pressed, it will
stay in the "in" position. Press the
switch again and it be in the "out"
position and remove that receiver
from the audio.
KMA 28 Control Function
Key "click"
electronic "click" to provide additional
feedback for button operation. To
activate the key click, push and hold
BOTH COM 1 and COM 2 receiver
buttons for five seconds, and release.
Repeat to defeat the click.
Speaker Amplifier
section stands for speaker. This
switch will place all selected audio on
the cockpit speaker when this switch
is selected.
Public Address (PA) Function
address capability when an optional
external PA switch is installed. When
this switch is put into the PA position,
the pilot's microphone is placed on a
speaker output. The copilot can
continue to use the selected Com
a separate cabin speaker (rather than
the cockpit speaker) is usually utilized
to prevent feedback.
The KMA 28 is equipped with an
The "SPR" in the push-button
The KMA 28 has a public
When this PA function is installed
KMA 28



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