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Kn 53 Silver Crown Tso'd Navigation Receiver - Honeywell Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus Pilot's Manual

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KN 53
Silver Crown TSO'd Navigation Receiver
Operating the KN 53
Power Switch
This knob controls ON/OFF/VOL/
IDENT. To turn on the unit, rotate the
knob clockwise from the detented
OFF position. Rotation of this control
also adjusts NAV audio volume. NAV
voice can be heard when the knob is
pushed in. When the knob is pulled
out, the Morse Code IDENT signal
plus voice can be heard.
Frequency Selection
By rotating the concentric
frequency selector knobs either
clockwise or counterclockwise, the
desired operating frequency can be
dialed into the standby display
window. A clockwise rotation will
increase the displayed frequency
number, while a counterclockwise
rotation will decrease it. The larger
selector knob is used to change the
MHz portion of the frequency display;
the smaller knob changes the kHz
portion in 50 kHz steps. At either band
edge of the 108.00 to 117.95 MHz
frequency spectrum, an off-scale
rotation will wrap the display around
to the other frequency band-edge
(i.e., 117.95 advances to 108.95 with
MHz knob rotation, or 117.00 with kHz
knob rotation). DME and optional
internal glideslope channeling are
also controlled by these selector
NAV Frequency Operation
The desired operating frequency
is first entered into the standby
display. To activate, push the transfer
button. This will interchange the
frequencies in the 'use' and 'standby'
displays and tune the receiver to the
new operating frequency.
KN 53



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