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Kma 26 Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver - Honeywell Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus Pilot's Manual

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KMA 26
Audio Amplifier/Intercom/Marker Beacon Receiver
KMA 26 Operation
Transmitter and
Automatic Receiver
The Microphone Selector Switch is
a rotary switch used to select the
desired transmitter for the cockpit
microphones. The "C1", "C2", and
"C3" positions are for transmitting on
the Com 1, Com 2, and Com 3
communications transceivers,
respectively. The "EMG" (emergency)
position is used to bypass the KMA
26's audio amplifier and directly
connects Com 1 to the pilot's
microphone and headphones. This
provides a fail-safe method of
communication should the unit fail.
The "PA" position may be selected
when the aircraft is configured with
KMA 26 Control Function
the KMA 26 driving a dedicated
passenger address speaker.
The KMA 26 has an "Auto Com"
feature which always provides
automatic headphone audio selection
to match the Com transmitter in use.
Thus, you may change the
Microphone Selector Switch without
having to reselect the corresponding
Com receiver button in order to hear
the receiver. For example, if "C1" is
selected on the Microphone Selector
Switch, you will receive transmissions
on Com 1 through headphones and
also transmit on Com 1 when you key
the mic. Notice that as you rotate the
Microphone Selector Switch from "C1"
to "C2" to "C3", the bottom of the
respective Audio Select Button
displays a green illumination to show
that the corresponding receiver has
KMA 26



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