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Using The Documentation; Getting Help And Information From The World Wide Web; How To Send Dsa Data To Ibm - IBM System X High Voltage DC PDU Installation And Maintenance Manual

1u higher voltage dc pdu
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Using the documentation

Information about your IBM system and preinstalled software, if any, or optional
device is available in the documentation that comes with the product. That
documentation can include printed documents, online documents, readme files,
and help files.
See the troubleshooting information in your system documentation for instructions
for using the diagnostic programs. The troubleshooting information or the
diagnostic programs might tell you that you need additional or updated device
drivers or other software. IBM maintains pages on the World Wide Web where you
can get the latest technical information and download device drivers and updates.
To access these pages, go to
You can find the most up-to-date information for the IBM Flex System product
family at

Getting help and information from the World Wide Web

Up-to-date information about IBM products and support is available on the World
Wide Web.
On the World Wide Web, up-to-date information about IBM systems, optional
devices, services, and support is available at
You can find the most up-to-date product information for the IBM Flex System
product family at

How to send DSA data to IBM

Use the IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository to send diagnostic data to IBM.
Before you send diagnostic data to IBM, read the terms of use at
You can use any of the following methods to send diagnostic data to IBM:
v Standard upload:
v Standard upload with the system serial number:
v Secure upload:
v Secure upload with the system serial number:
1U Higher Voltage DC PDU (240V/380V): Installation and Maintenance Guide
submit an Electronic Service Request. Submitting an Electronic Service Request
will start the process of determining a solution to your problem by making the
pertinent information available to IBM Support quickly and efficiently. IBM
service technicians can start working on your solution as soon as you have
completed and submitted an Electronic Service Request.