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Chapter 4. Cabling The Pdu; Connecting Input Power; Connecting Output Devices - IBM System X High Voltage DC PDU Installation And Maintenance Manual

1u higher voltage dc pdu
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Chapter 4. Cabling the PDU

This chapter provides information about connecting the PDU to a power source
and about connecting devices.

Connecting input power

The PDU is a high-voltage dc device that must be connected to its input power
source by a Licensed Electrician.
disconnecting. (L015)
Attention: You are responsible for making sure that only a Licensed Electrician
installs or removes the PDU power cable from the DC Power source. All National
and Local building code requirements must be met. IBM service technicians are not
Licensed Electricians.
The PDU input power cable is 4.3 m (14.1 ft.) in length, with a pig-tail termination.
It has three stranded copper conductors, each with a cross section of 25 sq. mm
(approximately 2 AWG).
The PDU requires a high-voltage dc power source between 240 V dc and 380 V dc
with 90 A capacity that is protected by a 100 A circuit breaker.
The PDU conductors are connected to a high-voltage dc power source of as
described in the table. All connections must be performed by a licensed electrician,
following local electrical codes or requirements.

Connecting output devices

The PDU power outlets are for connecting high-voltage dc devices. Connect a
device to a power outlet on the PDU with the power cord that comes with the
device. See the documentation that comes with your high-voltage dc device for
information and instructions.
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Arc Flash/Arc Blast hazard when disconnected with power on. Turn off power before
Table 2. PDU input cable connection
Wire color
Earth ground
Negative dc voltage
Positive dc voltage