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Features Of The Pdu; Hardware Components - IBM System X High Voltage DC PDU Installation And Maintenance Manual

1u higher voltage dc pdu
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v Two adjustable mounting rails (for horizontal mounting in all racks)
v One 1U blank filler panel
v Cable straps
v Miscellaneous hardware kit (for attaching the mounting brackets to the PDU and
1. Power cables for devices that you will connect to the PDU do not come with
2. You will have some unused parts depending on how you install the PDU.

Features of the PDU

The PDU has the following features:
v Wide input voltage range (192 - 400 V dc)
v High-current capability (90 A)
v Six 15 A high-voltage dc output connectors with individual circuit-breaker
v Automatic power interruption on output connectors to prevent arcing during

Hardware components

The following sections provide descriptions of the front and rear components on
the PDU.
1U Higher Voltage DC PDU (240V/380V): Installation and Maintenance Guide
Note: The following illustration shows the two components of one adjustable
mounting rail. The adjustable mounting rail might come pre-assembled.
installing the PDU in a rack)
the PDU.
cable disconnection.