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Chapter 1. Introduction; The Ibm Documentation Cd; Hardware And Software Requirements; Using The Documentation Browser - IBM System X High Voltage DC PDU Installation And Maintenance Manual

1u higher voltage dc pdu
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Chapter 1. Introduction

connect up to six high-voltage dc devices to a single dedicated high-voltage dc
power source. To prevent arcing, the PDU output connectors individually interrupt
power when either end of the output power cable is disconnected. Power is only
available at each output connector when it is connected to a compatible
high-voltage dc device.
If documentation updates are available, you can download them from the IBM
web site. The PDU might have features that are not described in the
documentation that comes with the PDU, and the documentation might be
updated occasionally to include information about those features, or technical
updates might be available to provide additional information that is not included
in the PDU documentation. To check for updates, go to
Note: Changes are made periodically to the IBM website. Procedures for locating
documentation might vary slightly from what is described in this document.

The IBM Documentation CD

The IBM Documentation CD contains documentation for the PDU in Portable
Document Format (PDF) and includes the IBM Documentation Browser to help
you find information quickly.

Hardware and software requirements

The IBM Documentation CD requires the following minimum hardware and
v Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Red Hat Linux
v 100 MHz microprocessor
v 32 MB of RAM
v Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or later) or xpdf, which comes with Linux operating

Using the Documentation Browser

About this task
Use the Documentation Browser to browse the contents of the CD, read brief
descriptions of the documents, and view documents, using Adobe Acrobat Reader
or xpdf. The Documentation Browser automatically detects the regional settings in
your computer and displays the documents in the language for that region (if
available). If a document is not available in the language for that region, the
English-language version is displayed.
Use one of the following procedures to start the Documentation Browser:
v If Autostart is enabled, insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive. The
v If Autostart is disabled or is not enabled for all users, use one of the following
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2014
1U Higher Voltage DC PDU (240V/380V) product enables you to
Documentation Browser starts automatically.