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Front View; Rear View - IBM System X High Voltage DC PDU Installation And Maintenance Manual

1u higher voltage dc pdu
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Front view

The following illustration shows the components and controls on the front of the
The green LED shows the PDU input voltage status. When this LED is lit,
the PDU is receiving a sufficient level of dc input voltage. If the input
voltage is too low, this LED is off.
Circuit breakers
If the load current rating for a power outlet exceeds 15 A, the associated
circuit breaker is activated (the breaker pole pops out), and power to the
outlet is turned off automatically. To reset the circuit breaker, firmly press
the breaker pole until it locks into place.
Note: To manually disconnect power to a device that is connected to the
PDU, disconnect the device power cord from the PDU power outlet.
Input power cable
You are responsible for making sure that only a Licensed Electrician
installs or removes the PDU power cable from the DC Power source. All
National and Local building code requirements must be met. IBM service
technicians are not Licensed Electricians.
Power outlets
You can connect a device to each power outlet. There are six Rong Feng
RF-203P power outlets, with smart-sensing power interruption capability,
on the PDU.

Rear view

The following illustration shows the electrostatic discharge (ESD) connector on the
rear of the PDU.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) connector
Circuit breakers
Power outlets
Input power
cable (attached)
Chapter 1. Introduction



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