Using Pc Camera - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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7. The file duplication will
then start. When
completes, the following
dialog box will appear.
Click on "Finish" and finish
the installation.

Using PC Camera

When driver is installed, you can start use your SV2 as a PC camera. There
are many software can be used on a PC camera, such as Windows
Maker NetMeeting...etc. We hereby use Windows
Movie Make as an
example to explain the operation of PC camera. For other software, please
refer to the user's manual or Help files of corresponding software.
Using Windows
Movie Maker (Windows
XP accessory) to record video.
1. Activate: From "Start --> Accessories-->Windows Movie Maker"
to activate Movie Maker. Click on "Record" on the menu.
2. In Record window, click either "Video only" or "Video and
Audio" in Record
pull down menu.
3. Click on the
Record button to
start video
More details about
Maker can be found in
related user's manual
or Help files.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents