Acer SV-200 User Manual page 28

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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3-1 Video Recording
3. Press
Note: 1. If you wish to change focus, you can dial the jog dial switch upward or
downward any time during recording.
2. When
storage. Otherwise, if
3. Lower right corner of the screen displays the recording time.
4. The LED beside of the lens lights up in
4. Press
You can conduct some setting changes
before you start recording, so as to obtain
better recording quality.
Press the jog dial switch once, you can
start to change the following settings:
Exposure Value:
In addition to Normal, you can increase two levels up and decrease two levels
down. Increasing Exposure Value will cause the image brighter whereas
decreasing Exposure Value will get a darker image. You can make use the
brightness change of the screen to gauge your adjustment.
button to start recording.
shows on screen, it is indicating SD card in use as your data
shows, you are using internal memory.
button once more to stop recording.
during recording.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents