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Battery Removal; Installing Sd Memory Card(Optional) - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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Battery removal:

Put SV2 on a desk, front face down. Gently push battery cover toward the
bottom of the SV2 to remove it. (1,2) Lift bottom end of the battery, about
45° (3) and take the battery out of the bay. When done, replace the cover,
and push the cover toward the direction of the top of the SV2 until the cover
is fully closed.
Note: Please be aware of the direction and angle of inserting/removing battery to
avoid breaking the plastic stop of the bay.

1-4 Installing SD Memory Card(Optional)

Put the slant corner of the
SD card toward upper right,
and push the card into the SD
card slot at the bottom of
1-4 Installing SD Memory Card(Optional)