Using Cd To Install - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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Table of Contents
4-3 Software Installation and Use

Using CD to install

There are two major steps: Step 1, insert companion CD into your PC CD
drive. Do not connect your SV2 to PC for now. Step 2, connect your SV2 to
PC and,
If your PC uses Windows
operating system,
1. The PC will initiate
InstallShield Wizard. Click "USB
Driver" in menu.
2. In both dialog boxes showing
"Welcome to the InstallShield
Wizard for Digital Camera" and
"Information", click on the
"Next" button.
3. The installation will then
start. When finishs, please click
on the "Finish" button.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents