About The Battery; Write Protection And File Structure Of Sd Memory Card; Software Installation And Use - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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4-2 Write Protection and File Structure of SD Memory Card(Optional)

About the battery

Please use certified battery. Please refer to 4-6 for battery specifications.
Duration of operation - Temperature may affect the duration of battery
operation. Higher temperature or lower temperature may both shorten the
duration of operation. Battery life may also influence the duration of
operation. A battery nearly to the end of its life cycle or a poor quality life
may have shorter duration of operation. Be aware of short circuit - When
battery is removed from SV2, please be aware of not to touch the metal
contact with metal objects or conductive substances. Short circuit the
battery may cause fire. Battery disposal - Please recycle used up battery. Do
not throw the battery into the fire. There may be a risk of explosion.
4-2 Write Protection and File Structure of SD
Memory Card(Optional)
There is a write protection switch on the SD card. Switch
it to LOCK can prevent data stored in SD card being
erased unexpectedly.
The file structure of SV2 stored in
memory is
shown as below:

4-3 Software Installation and Use

You will need to install software (drivers) to enable the PC camera and USB
drive modes of the SV2. There are two ways to install software. One is using
the companion CD to start installation program and to execute installation.
The installation software will guide users throughout the installation process
reduces difficulty a lot. Another way is to connect your SV2 with PC and
hence initiate the installation software. This method is more complicate in
process, therefore method #1 is recommended.
We will introduce both ways in this section. If you want to choose method
#1, please refer to "Using CD to install", otherwise, please refer to
"Installing via connecting SV2 to PC".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents