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Acer SV-200 User Manual page 29

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam


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White Balance:
White objects may looks extremely white under sun shine, but may not be so
white in other lighting conditions. In order to compensate the color change
due to various lighting conditions, you can use [White Balance] to adjust.
SV2 has four White Balance settings
Automatic detect
[Day Light]: Reduce sun light intensity
and avoid over exposure
to strong sun light.
[Fluorescent]:Reduce green light within
fluorescent light, avoid
greenish image taken under
fluorescent light.
[Tungsten]: Reduce orange light within
tungsten light, avoid orange
image taken under tungsten light.
Video Quality:
Recording in the highest
image quality.
Recording in normal high
image quality.
[Economic]: Recording in space saving
image quality.
The higher image quality recorded, the
more memory space will be taken.
Please refer 4-4 for details of memory
space taken by each mode.
3-1 Video Recording


Table of Contents

Table of Contents