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Setup For All Modes; Set Clock / 50/60 Hz - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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2-7 Setup for All Modes

Switch the mode switch to
the jog dial switch up and down can switch between modes.
Set Clock:
If date and time shown is incorrect,
please push the jog dial switch and hence
both of them can be adjusted
The screen shows in the sequence of
hour: minute: second month: date:
year.White letter indicates the item being
chosen currently. You can push the
switch to change the item. To change
numbers, dial upward or downward.
When setup is finished, push the switch until the setup screen disappears.
Then the settings are successfully stored.
50/60 HZ:
Switching between [50HZ] and [60HZ],
default value is 60HZ.
If you need change it, push the jog dial
switch (items become white color with
black background), then dial the switch
upward or downward to intended item.
Push the switch again, and the setting is
You can apply the same way to all of the following setups.
Note: Incorrect setting will reduce image quality such as results in horizontal lines on
your images.
2-7 Setup for All Modes
, and start all pre-operation setups. Dial