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Video System / Media Format - Acer SV-200 User Manual

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam
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2-7 Setup for All Modes
Video System:
Switching between [NTSC] and [ PAL].
Default is NTSC.
When setting is in [NTSC], the
standard output resolution is
QVGA(320x240), when setting is in
[PAL], the standard output resolution is
CIF (352 x 288).
NTSC standard TV output is using in
Taiwan, United States, and Japan, while
PAL is using in most European countries,
South America, and most Asian countries.
Media Format:
Media format will thoroughly erase
data stored in built-in memory or SD
card and re-initialize it. So these
memory space will be more suitable
for data in SV2 format.
Note: If you wish to use SD card which has been used in other devices, it is suggested
to format it before you use it. Thus, format incompatibility situation can be