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PC4 Miscellaneous

4-1 Taking Care of Your SV2

About SV2:
Be aware of where you store your SV2. Keep SV2 and its accessories out of
children's reach.
Keep SV2 dry--rain and moisture may damage the electronic parts within
SV2. If there is water splashes onto the body of SV2, please use dry soft
cloth to wipe water drops away. If SV2 is wetted by seawater, please use
wet soft cloth to wipe seawater away. Then use dry soft cloth to wipe it dry.
If water has already leaked into the body of SV2, please bring the SV2 to
authorized maintenance center for repair. Do not open up the machine by
yourself. Open up/disassemble the SV2 improperly may cause severe
damage to the electrical parts. Your warranty will also be expired
immediately with such a move.
Clean the SV2-- Except lens, you can use wet soft cloth to clean the body. Be
sure the wet cloth has been twisted to dry enough. Then use dry cloth to
wipe the body once more. Never use liquid contains any chemical
substances to wipe the machine.
Clean the Lens -- Whenever there is dust on the lens, please use an air
blower to blow the dust away. You can use professional lens cleaning paper
to wipe the lens as well.
About the AC Adapter:
Please use genuine AC adaptor packaged with the SV2. Other AC adaptor
may result in damage in SV2 due to different electrical characteristics.
Be aware of the place to plug your AC adaptor. Do not plug it onto the wall
across a walkway. People may be tripped and SV2 may also be damaged
due to someone tripping on the power cord. Please remember to bring your
adaptor along when traveling. Otherwise, you may run out of battery and
can not recharge your SV2.
4-1 Taking Care of Your SV2


Table of Contents

Table of Contents