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Acer SV-200 User Manual page 37

Multi-functional 7-in-1 video cam


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Note: 1. When icon button is pressed, SV2 will display latest picture taken
2. The current photo number/total photo number is shown at the upper left
corner of the screen.
3.The date of picture taken will be displayed at the lower right corner of the
4.If time stamp is set, the date of that specific photo being taking will be
displayed or printed at lower left corner in blue fonts.
If you wish to browsing other photos, you can dial the jog dial switch to
move forward or backward with the photos to view next or previous photo.
You can select picture, delete picture and set DPOF (Digital Printer Order
Format, which can allow you to print photos directly from any printer that
supports this protocol) for selected photo.
Press jog dial switch once to change the following settings:
File List:
Displays all file names of photo taken.
File names in red are the photos previous
or current in display. White file name
represents file being selected now. Press
the jog dial switch to start viewing this
Delete Current:
Select [Yes] to delete currently selected
3-2 Photo Shooting


Table of Contents

Table of Contents