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Automatic Power-Off; Input Alert™ Feature; Power-Up Options - Fluke 87V MAX User Manual

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Table 4. Display Features (cont.)
Replace the battery immediately.
In the capacitance function, too much electrical
charge is present on the capacitor being tested.
 
Invalid calibration data. Calibrate Meter.
Invalid EEPROM data. Have the Meter serviced.
Open thermocouple detected.
Invalid model. Have the Meter serviced.
W Test lead alert. Displayed when the test leads are
in the
switch position does not correspond to the terminal
being used.
Overload condition is detected.
Error Messages
terminal and the selected rotary

Automatic Power-Off

The Meter automatically turns off if you do not turn the
rotary switch or press a button for 30 minutes. If MIN
MAX Recording is enabled, the Meter will not power off.
Refer to Table 5 to disable automatic power-off.
Input Alert™ Feature
If a test lead is plugged into the mA/μA or A terminal, but
the rotary switch is not set to the correct current position,
the beeper warns you by making a chirping sound and
the display flashes "", This warning is intended to
stop you from attempting to measure voltage, continuity,
resistance, capacitance, or diode values with the leads
are plugged into a current terminal.
W Caution
Placing the probes across (in parallel with) a
powered circuit when a lead is plugged into a
current terminal can damage the circuit you
are testing and blow the Meter's fuse. This
can happen because the resistance through
the Meter's current terminals is very low, so
the Meter acts like a short circuit.

Power-Up Options

Holding a button down while turning the Meter on
activates a power-up option. Table 5 describes power-up
Digital Multimeter



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