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Attaching The Remote Controller To The Belt; Registering The Remote Controller On The Camera - Casio GEC-1 User Manual

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Attaching the Remote Controller to the Belt

Pass the belt through the belt attachment slots of the remote controller.
. Belt Precautions
• The belt is intended for use with this product only. Do not use it for any other
• Should you notice any itching, rash, or other skin abnormality in the vicinity of the
belt, immediately stop using it.
• Keep the belt away from and do not leave it in areas where it may be exposed to
heat. Heat can cause deterioration of the belt material.
• Long-term contact with other items or leaving a wet belt together with other items
can cause transfer of color from the belt to the other items, or from the other items
to the belt.
• If the belt becomes dirty, carefully hand wash it with tap water.
• Do not swing the remote controller around by the belt.
• Store the belt out of the reach of small children.

Registering the Remote Controller on the Camera

To connect the remote controller with a camera for the first time, you need to perform
the procedure below to register it.
• The remote controller can be registered on only one camera at a time.
• If you register an already registered remote controller on a different camera, it will
be unregistered from the current camera and then registered on the new camera.
Check to make sure that both the remote controller and the camera are
turned off.
On the camera, hold down the [r/SLOW] button and the [POWER]
button for at least six seconds.
This will cause the [STATUS] lamp to flash amber.
On the remote controller, hold down the [r/SLOW] button and the [
button for at least six seconds.
This will cause the operation lamp to flash amber to indicate that remote
controller registration has started.
After registration is complete, the remote controller and camera will connect, and
the operation lamp will flash green.
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