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Shock Resistant, Splashproof, Dustproof - Casio GEC-1 User Manual

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Shock resistant, Splashproof, Dustproof

This product is designed to be shock resistant, splashproof, and dustproof as
described below.
0 Shock resistant:
Passes testing based on CASIO independent standards*
MIL-Standard 810G Method 516.7-Shock.*
Drop testing from a height of 4.0 meters (13.12 feet) onto plywood (lauan),
10 directions (6 faces, 4 corners)
Very strong impact due to very rough handling such as throwing the product or
dropping it from excessive heights can cause it to break. Even if a drop does
not result in functional problems, it can cause scratching and other cosmetic
0 Splashproof:
Splashproof equivalent to IEC/JIS Class 8 (IPX8) and Class 6 (IPX6). Water
resistance at a depth of 50 meters (164.04 feet).*
spray from all directions.*
waves do not penetrate water, so this product does not work when
submerged. Test conditions defined by CASIO.
Water resistance performance is not guaranteed during use while engaging in
all types of water sports.
0 Dustproof:
Corresponds to IEC/JIS Protection Class 6 (IP6X) dustproofing.
• The shock resistance, splashproofing, and dustproofing of this product are based
on CASIO test results, and do not constitute any guarantee that the product will
perform, will not be damaged, or will not malfunction under such conditions.
. Precautions before Use Near Water
• The functions of this product do not work underwater.
• Do not open or close the battery cover while near water or in an area exposed to
sea breezes. Also avoid opening or closing the battery cover while your hands are
wet, or have sand or any other foreign matter on them. Doing so can lead to water
getting inside, and malfunction.
• Check the contact surfaces of the battery cover gaskets for dirt, sand, and any
other foreign matter. Clean contact surfaces by wiping them with a soft, clean, dry
cloth. Note that a single strand of hair or a single grain of sand can allow water to
get into the product.
• Check the battery cover splashproofing gaskets are free of cracks, scratches, and
other damage.
• Close the battery cover securely into place.
• This product will sink if dropped underwater. Use the belt to avoid dropping.
• The splashproofing of this product protects it against salt water and fresh water
only. Protection is not provided against hot spring water.
formulated according to
Protection against direct jet