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Casio GEC-1 User Manual page 13


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• Do not use this product in the vicinity of high-precision electronic
equipment or any electronic equipment that handles weak signals.
Doing so can interfere with proper operation of such digital devices and
create the risk of accident.
• Keep this product away from the chest area of any individual fitted with a
cardiac pacemaker or similar medical device. Magnetism emitted by the
product may affect cardiac pacemakers and other medical devices.
Should you ever notice any abnormality, immediately move the product away
from the person being affected and contact a physician.
• On a crowded train or any other crowded location where there is the
possibility of being in the vicinity of a person wearing a cardiac
pacemaker, turn off the product. Radio waves emitted by this product
may affect pacemaker operation.
. Do not operate this product while driving or riding.
• Do not operate this product while riding a bicycle, or while operating an
automobile or other vehicle. Doing so creates the risk of accident.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents