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Table of Contents
. Battery Precautions
• Carefully note and follow the precautions below. Failure to do so can cause
battery rupturing, creating the risk of fire, personal injury, and soiling of nearby
objects by leaking fluid.
– Do not try to take a battery apart and do not allow a battery to become
– Do not try to charge the battery.
– Do not expose batteries to heat or fire.
– Use only batteries of the specified type.
– Load a battery with its poles (plus and minus) facing correctly.
– Perform battery replacement as soon as possible when needed.
. Locations to be Avoided
• Do not leave the product in any of the locations below. Doing so creates
the risk of fire and electric shock.
– Areas subject to large amounts of humidity or dust.
– Food preparation areas, near a humidifier, or in areas where the product is
exposed to oil smoke or water vapor.
– Near heaters, on a heated carpet, in areas exposed to direct sunlight, in a
closed vehicle parked in the sun, or other areas subject to very high


Table of Contents

Table of Contents