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• Do not leave the product for long periods in a location subjected to very low
temperatures (where water freezes) or very high temperatures. In particular, avoid
leaving the product in areas exposed to strong direct sunlight, in a motor vehicle on
a hot day, etc. Any of these conditions can result in a deterioration of
. Precautions after Use Near Water
• Before opening the battery cover, use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe all moisture
and dirt from the product.
• When you open the battery cover, there may be water droplets on its inside
surface. If there are water droplets, be sure to wipe them off. Remaining water
droplets create the risk of water getting inside, and malfunction.
. Cleaning after Use
After the product becomes wet with saltwater or fresh water, make sure the battery
cover is securely closed and then wash the product using the steps below.
Immerse the product in fresh water.
• Fill a bucket or other container with tap water or other fresh
water, and immerse the product for about 10 minutes.
Gently wipe dust, dirt, sand, and other matter from the
product with your fingers.
Wipe off all moisture.
• Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe all moisture from the product. After you
finish wiping the water from the product, leave it in a well-ventilated location in
the shade to dry thoroughly. Opening the battery cover while there are water
droplets present creates the risk of water getting inside, and malfunction.
• The temperature of the water used to wash the product should be no greater than
30°C (86°F). Never use detergent, hot water, or strongly running water to clean the
product. Doing so creates the risk of leaking and malfunction.
• Never swing the product around to remove water, and never use a dryer or other
intense heat to dry it.
• Never place the product in a washing machine to wash it.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents