Operation Lamp; Vibration Alert - Casio GEC-1 User Manual

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. Shooting with Dramatic Slow Motion
Press [0] to start movie recording. At the point where you want to switch to slow
motion recording, press the [r/SLOW] button. Normal speed recording will resume
after a fixed period of slow motion recording. Press [0] again to stop recording.
• You can specify the slow motion recording start point and duration using the G'z
EYE app or the optional controller with LCD.

Operation Lamp

The operation lamp shows the current remote controller and camera status.
Remote controller is being registered on
the camera.
Power is on, but there is no camera
Remote controller has been connected
with the camera.
Movie recording is in progress.
Snapshot shooting
Recording mode is Dramatic Slow Motion.
Dramatic Slow Motion shooting is in
Power was just turned off.
An error occurred.

Vibration Alert

The remote controller will vibrate in the cases described below.
• When you turn it on
• When you turn it off
• When a remote controller triggered image recording operation fails
• When there is an error
• Vibration alert is not performed while battery power is low.
Flashing amber (slow)
Flashing green (fast)
Flashing green (slow)
Flashing red (slow)
Lit red
Flashing amber (slow)
Lit amber
Flashing green (fast)
Flashing red (fast)
Operating the Camera with the Remote Controller


Table of Contents

Table of Contents