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Appliance Use; Temperature Control - Kenmore 111.22202 Use & Care Manual

Upright freezer/ refrigerator
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• Be sure to wrap foods properly, and
wipe containers dry before placing
them in the freezer. This cuts down on
frost build-up inside the freezer.
• Do not line freezer shelves and bins
with aluminum foil, wax paper, or paper
toweling. Liners interfere with cold air
circulation, reducing freezer efficiency.
• Organize and label food to reduce lid
openings and avoid extended searches.
• Remove as many items as needed at one
time, and close door as soon as possible.

Appliance Use

Key Components
Glass shelf
Drawer Bin
LED Lighting
4. On/Off light switch
Door bin
The interior temperature of this appliance
can be set so that the entire unit can be
used as either a Freezer or a Refrigerator.
• To turn the appliance on, plug the power
cord into a properly grounded 3 prong
electrical outlet. The green Power On
light located on the temperature control
will illuminate.
• For safe food storage, after plugging in
allow two hours if used as a refrigerator and
four hours if used as a freezer for the
appliance to cool down completely to the
set temperature. The compressor will run
continuously for the first several hours.
• Foods that are already frozen may be
placed in the freezer after the first few
hours of operation. Unfrozen foods should
NOT be loaded into the freezer until the
freezer has operated for four hours.
• When loading the freezer, freeze only
three pounds of fresh food per cubic foot
of freezer space at one time. Distribute
packages to be frozen evenly throughout
the freezer.

Temperature Control

A. High Temperature Indicator
B. Door Open Indicator
C. Temperature Set Down Key (Colder)
D. Temperature Set Up Key (Warmer)
E. Temperature Digital Display
F. Quick Freeze Key
G. Lock Key
H. Freezer - Fridge Conversion Key
The temperature control is located on the
door exterior. It is an electronic push-key
control with a digital readout display.
Lock Key [G]
The control must be unlocked for any of
the operation keys to work. Press and hold
the Lock Key for three seconds to unlock
the control panel. You will hear a chime,
the Lock Key icon will light and the
numerals of the temperature setting will
begin to flash in the display [E]. If no other
key is pressed within 30 seconds the
control will auto-matically lock. Note: If
the panel is locked and any operation key
is pressed, the Lock Key will illuminate as a
reminder to unlock.



Table of Contents

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