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Kenmore 10062603 Owner's Manual

Sears refrigerator user manual


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# 10062603
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  • Page 1 ORDER # 10062603 _ ?_-i 'i_!i_ _i ¸ii!,: iii_ _ ! _ii_ ¸ i... =...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Sears Kenmore refrigerators are designed, built and tested for'years of dependable use_Yet any modern appliance may need service from time to time. The Sears warran_ plus the Sears maintenance agreement give protection from unexpected repair bills Contact your salesman or nearest ser- vice center for details..
  • Page 3: Unpacking

    See Rgure 6. FIGURE 6 6. Handles wilt easily fall away 7. Repeat process for refrigerator door. 8oThe electronic keypad is electrically connected to the refrigerator door face trim piece. Use care in handling...
  • Page 4 TO AVOID THE RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH DISCONNECT THE POWER CORD BEFORE PROCEEDING. 1_Remove the toe grille. 2. Open refrigerator door' to gain access to door closure screw, See Figure 6A, 3 Unscrew bottom refrigerator door closure screw with a Phillips Screwdriver, See Figure 6A.
  • Page 5 FIGURE 12 LOWER HINGE BRACKE T 13. Remove tape from top of refrigerator door. 14. Lift refrigerator door up to pull pin up off the hinge. 15 Thread wires through slot in door hinge See Figure 13 Hinge pin and...
  • Page 6: Connecting The Ice And Water

    45 ° angle for the refrig- erator and freezer door clearance (see Figure 15) To build in your refrigerator a Perimeter Trim Kit is available at an additional cost.
  • Page 7 _IMENSHONS 68 3/4 '_ "A" *'B" ICABINET I FRZ DOOR REFDOOR MODEL WIDTH OPEN 90° 2o I 3_, i 3g_ "OulerCase t"Mustbe installed 1:Y4" fromsidewailsfor 90° dooropening, 4.,_ 1" Hinge Cover 67½ "D" "C" OC*BACK OC" BACK TOCAB FRONT OPEN90° HANDLE 4_,/o 27_ 23_/z...
  • Page 8 The Water Dispenser Works The water reservoir is located in the refrigerator behind the crisper pan° The water line to the dispenser bar is routed in a special way to prevent freeze-ups. The water dispensing lever energizes the water line solenoid valve to add...
  • Page 9 Thewater i sforced byhousehold water pressure t hrough t hetubing andoutthe water d ispenser. Thiswateriscooled inthewater r eser- voir. S ome water r emains i nthewater linetothedispenser, causing t hefirst glass ofwater t obesomewhat warmer thanthefolfowing glasses Ice Dispenser To operate apply pressure against the dispenser bar with a glass or other con- tainer.
  • Page 10 Servicing Ice Dispenser Certain conditions witt require you to service the ice maker and dispenser. The unit has been designed so that you can do such servicing with a minimum of effort. Cold dry air has to circulate in the freezer to maintain a safe freezing tem- perature.
  • Page 11: Genera{ Features

    Removable Door Dikes Removable Freezer Door Shelf Ice and Water Dispenser Adjustable Freezer, Door Shelves "Features may vary from model to model Your refrigerator may not have all of the features shown. Ice Bin First Freeze Shelf Toe Grille Glide-out Basket...
  • Page 12 C[.EA B pad,. • " "..'. NOTE: The alarm may go 0if in (2) two l!ash, if the refrigerator and freezer have i Oo! lJeeiTcdole d to:the proper tempera- hours and the High Temp indicator iighl ture. Deactivate alarm by p_essing the _ ALARM CLEAR pad.
  • Page 13 2. Press the REF TEMP pad. This tells the control panel you want to set the temperature in the refrigerator. Load food in the refrigerator, Place a thermometer in a glass of water in the middle of the refrigerator section, making sure that air can flow around it.
  • Page 14: Electronic Controls

    MODE The Vacation Mode is ideal for when you wilt be away from your home for an extended amount of time, but still wish to preserve the food in your refrigerator. To Start VACATION Mode 1 Press the START pad (ELECTRONIC...
  • Page 15 Electronic Controls _MAX REF MODE During th s mode, the refrigerator tem- is loweredto the coldest level perature for ten (10)hours; Ideal if you like colder chil{ed drinks or have added a lot of rio Start The,MAXREF Mode 1. Press the STAR]•pad (ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL).
  • Page 16 " " /' ": " To Cancel The MAX Mode 1 Press the START pad (ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL), " • Wilt Automaticall_, ..OR temperature setting returnto previous after (24)twenty:four .hours To Cancel TemPerature Display 1. Press the STARTpad (ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL)_ "...
  • Page 17 The FRZ TEMP and/or TO Discontinue The High Temperature 1. Pressthe ALARM CLEAR pad. The audio alarm wil[ also discontinue if the proper temperature is regained . Jnthe refrigerator andlor freezer sec- DiscontinuesThe High Temp A_arm CLEAN.CON DENSER COIL...
  • Page 18: Checking Food Temperatures

    6 hours See Figure 21 REFRIGERATOR: Place the thermom- eter in a glass of water and place the glass in the middle of the refrigerator section° Be sure air can flow around it. Wait 3 to 4 hours, check the tempera-...
  • Page 19 Drawers can be removed easily by tiltingup slightly and pulling past "stop" location ii,,,iLn Refrigerator Door .,gg Storage. A removable take-to- counter egg bucket. To clean wash in soapy water. Store the egg bucket in...
  • Page 20: Refrigerator Features

    Refrigerator Features Door Shelves, Door shelves can be moved up or down to fit storage needs. To remove, loosen shelf by tapping upwards gently underneath both ends Lift shelf slightly, then rotate bottom out and up to release mounting hooks from door slots.
  • Page 21: Other Features

    Features Automatic Frost Free Operation The freezer and refrigerator sections are completely frost-free. The evaporator coi! in the back walt of the freezer sec- tion collects the frost Under normal operating conditions, you'll never have to defrost the unit, because it's auto- matic.
  • Page 22 UNPLUG THE POWER CORD BEFORE REPLACING A BURNED OUT LIGHT BULB OR BEFORE CLEANING. Remove all food and special compart- ments from the freezer and refrigerator sections. Exterior. Wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry. Use appliance polish or wax periodically to keep the exterior looking like new.
  • Page 23: Care And Cleaning

    Reconnect Power Cord, After clean- ing, reconnect the power cord Odors. If an offensive odor appears to be lingering in the refrigerator or freezer, the following procedures may eliminate the problem, Always begin with Method I, Use Method II only if the odor persists, Method I 1.
  • Page 24: Non-Use Periods

    Leave the unit unplugged.Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. When You Move, Unplug the unit and clean it. Use strapping tape or masking...
  • Page 25 Your product warranty does not cover food ioss_ ,_Call your nearest Sears service center. If food temperature appears to be warm in the freezer section: ° See prior sections.
  • Page 26: Before Calling For'service

    Before Call!ling For Service If refrigerator food temperature is too cold: + Adjust refrigerator control. See page t3. • Check to see the air deflector' is in place on the left side wall of the fresh food compartment. • Is condenser area clean? (See...
  • Page 28 FULL THREE- YEAR WARRANTY For three years from the date of purchase, when this refrigerator instructions attached to ot furnished with the product, Sears will repair this refrigerator, free of charge, if defec- tive in materia} or workmanship, FULL FIVE- YEAR WARRANTY ON SEALED...

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